Julia – Roberts on the best film parents tear framed – Sohu entertainment cited expectations darren hayes

Julia – Roberts on the "best film" parents "tear" framed cited expectations – Sohu Julia Roberts film entertainment "framed" cited expectations Sohu entertainment according to Mtime time network, recently Oscar winning actress Julia Roberts, in the film? Framed (provisional translation "framed"), as a framed mother Kelli Peters in the movie, she and a pair of "best parents" wonderful "mutual tear" drama. The film’s director and other starring lineup, has not yet announced. It is reported that in the film Julia, Roberts will play a primary school student’s mother Kelli, because of her child’s parents, trying to frame her alleged possession of drugs, Kelli’s life so close to collapse. The couple named Jill and Kent Easter, they grow marijuana and drugs in Kelli’s car, tried to set her reputation, and she will be out of school and family teachers association. Previously, the couple also worked with actress Kelli playing the lawsuit, and all this is because of a fortuitous event caused during the original two sons had Kelli responsible, accidentally locked outside the school, so they grudge. The film "Julia" is not framed? Roberts first played the mother, she was released in April 29th this year, North American movie "mother’s Day", starred in a successful television show host, is also a mother, in her head and other Bobo leopard clothing is impressive.相关的主题文章: