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Kaifeng culture room, opened the ancient capital of the veil of history [eleven edition] – Sohu tourist city character like people, each city has a different style and personality; city culture is like a book, each city has a different connotation and style. Each character of the reader will be different because of knowledge, interest and perspective on the history, culture and landscape of the same city will also have a different feeling. It, like a Book of ancient books, which every page exudes a thought-provoking cultural atmosphere, each page with broad and profound cultural heritage, here four thousand years of vicissitudes, the capital of eight dynasties years, people need to slowly open, careful reading. Kaifeng is a city in the Central Plains of the world marvel, here is a hidden era of glory. Kaifeng is also a thriving because of water, the legendary place because of the river, the history of Kaifeng has repeatedly suffered, but always tenacious, has become one of the most splendid civilization of the Chinese nation. It is the starting point of the Silk Road to the east of the Northern Song Dynasty, the population had more than one million, even leading the development of world culture, ancestral roots here is the Hakka Earth Building in Fujian, Tokyo has the glorious heyday to this land has left many precious cultural heritage, opening cultural living room is a good place for visitors to understand city of history and culture, perhaps many tourists have not heard here, but it has gradually become the culture room opened a new cultural tourism landmark and a new name card. It is located in the living room culture rippling Dragon Lake, next to the Dragon palace. The cultural living room with humanistic appeal ofkaifeng "Song Yunzhang, cordial and warm, external and internal classic fashion, there can be more profound understanding to the history of the ancient city and the Song Dynasty Bianliang glorious culture. The culture into the living room, is the first to see the "Kaifeng grand" relief, relief covers ofkaifeng tower, pavilion, landmark buildings, the living room became the welcoming name card. According to the museum’s guide introduced city full of historical relics and ruins of the ancient city, there lived many crowned kings and princes and cultural celebrities, not only that, it has a simple folk customs, rich local flavor of traditional operas and folk art, Art beats nature. incorruptible works of calligraphy and painting and so on, although a lot of paper Fenghua has already gone, but don’t become history and feelings. If you want to understand the history of thousands of years of Kaifeng accumulation, feel the profound cultural connotation of Kaifeng, then please go to the living room of Kaifeng culture, here is a good place to understand Kaifeng, understanding Kaifeng, taste kaifeng. Front Gate and root. City cultural living room on the first floor lobby and the office of the West Branch, Kaifeng City is in the culture of the Song Dynasty as the characteristic, and has been known as the "Shuhuazhixiang" of the song "reputation, calligraphy and painting is divided into Yunju Hall: Song incense, spring and autumn, the painting Pen Gorgeous vernal scenery, the mountains and the golden color, elegant calligraphy, a total of three small exhibition. The Song Huizong’s poem, "Fang"? Su Shi’s "Huangzhou post", Mi Fei’s "cold food observance, the inscription" Wang Ximeng research "Trinidad jiangshantu", Zhao Boju’s "River map", Li Gonglin’s "autumn Weimo enkyo Tu" and Zhang Zeduan’s "Jin Ming]相关的主题文章: