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UnCategorized Have you ever stopped to think about all the electricity that is spent in December because of the Christmas lights? Outdoor LED Christmas lights can use up to ninety percent less the energy of regular Christmas lights. They can last for years longer than traditional Christmas lights and are available in many different designs, colors and varieties. Most artificial Christmas trees are being sold pre-lit with LED lights. I was shopping for last minute Christmas items and I saw a Boxed artificial pre-lit tree being purchased by the woman in line ahead of me. I had put off getting a tree that year because I am against cut trees for a number of reasons. First, I believe killing a living tree every year solely to display it in your home for a week or two and then throw it away is disrespectful to the tree and teaches children that it is acceptable to destroy things for artificial gratification. Second, I know that formerly living Christmas trees that have dried out are responsible for most of the fires in homes. The trees are then adorned with hot lights and become a gradual fire hazard. I have small children. I did not want a dried out tree shedding its needles and having them get in my children’s feet or mouths. I did not want my baby eating them and precipitating a visit to the emergency room. You might think I was over obsessing about this, but these are all thing that have happened to my friends. So I thought about buying an artificial tree that was lit with LED lights. LED, or light emitting diodes, use less electricity and put off much less heat as a result. This means they last longer, burn cooler and provide less of a fire hazard in a delicate use like a Christmas tree of as a house decoration. I would not be killing a tree over and over, but I would need to store the tree for a year until the next Christmas. I would have the tree for many years to come and would not have to worry about most of the safety hazards associated with traditional trees. I purchased the tree, took it home and set it up the night before Christmas. My children awoke an Christmas morning to a tree that shone with magical lights and nobody got hurt, even though they tipped the tree over twice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: