[letinous edodes] kuaiyuezhilv burning sea cucumber salty taste – and Sohu running man 20130908

[letinous edodes] kuaiyuezhilv burning sea cucumber: salty taste and over – Sohu refrigerator, freezer in the corner and found a bag of sea cucumber, colleagues brought back from Malaysia Semporna, thaw, match with fresh letinous edodes, fry a meal. Yuan Mei in the "garden with fresh list" said, sea cucumber, tasteless, sand gas fishy, the most difficult to please. But nature is strong, can not be broken soup simmer also… With mustard and chicken juice mix cold sea cucumber silk, very good. Or cut small pieces, Ding Ding into the mushroom chicken simmer soup. [ingredients]: fresh braised sea cucumber with letinous edodes letinous edodes, sea cucumber, scallions, garlic, pork fat; steps: 1, sea cucumber beforehand, wash, cut into small pieces of standby; 2, leaving only the fresh letinous edodes short stems, wash, cut into half moon; 3, chopped shallot chopped garlic;; pig meat cut into 1 cm wide Fang Ding; 4, plus a small amount of oil into the pot, fat pork, stir a small fire to fat oil, transparent, surface micro coke; into the garlic, garlic stir out fragrance; 5, in letinous edodes, letinous edodes just stir fry until soft, add a small amount of salt in the sea cucumber, advance into taste; pour warm water or broth, water and food at least flat, pour a little soy sauce, oyster sauce, simmer until only a small pot of soup, pan before sprinkle with chopped green onion, you can turn off the heat, qiguozhuangpan. Chicago language: 1, add a little fat pork stir fry before stir frying oil fragrance, taste better; 2, this dish a little salty delicious; 2, simmer to burn, to leave a little soup dish, rice. This dish can not letinous edodes root, lost and unfortunately, can be like this: [fried letinous edodes root].   相关的主题文章: