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Li Tie will return with Lippi Hengda J Ma leave Paulinho or leave Sohu sports this morning, news came from Italy, according to market experts Dimazi O said, "silver fox" Lippi has reached an agreement with Hengda, the new season to take over the team coach! Lippi has returned to many people have guessed, but there will be a return to Guangzhou, I believe it will surprise everyone. Scolari farewell after the end of the season from the first half of the poor performance of AFC Champions League stadium, outside coach questions about Scolari on rumors. Although the Super Champion little suspense, but AFC Champions League created the worst record in team history, has made the club moved with his idea. In addition, handsome with stubborn people, young people are too conservative tactics, exercise negative, in stark contrast to the Lippi period, let Hengda court lost its dominance, outside of the Adams handsome coach questioned more and more. Lippi is a real tactician, from 12 in the mid season over three consecutive years, Hengda, Hengda opened 13 years to lead the lowest consumption pattern, which swept through Asia, winning the first AFC Champions League champion. Lippi, Hengda in the game often switch at any time evolutions, also let many fans see hooked. Hengda thick foundation today, to a large extent, Lippi left for the team! Earlier, on Lippi to return more than rumors, China happy, Su Ningdu once and silver fox scandal. While Hong Kong is and silver fox had a formal contact, as Lippi will return to the Super League, is likely to be the "Hengda Dynasty" the biggest challenger, Hengda will finally sell the former service manager invited back to Guangzhou, and to give back the Lippi team in the absolute right to speak, the club management, success and other signings, do not have too much interference. Li Tie return, J horse and the return of the return of the Lippi, Hengda coach group will reshuffle. The existing Brazil team coaches all leave, Chinese assistant coach Hao Wei will be at the end of the season to return to the old club luneng. The chief doctor in port Cotti, at the end of the season and motor Ronnie, Gaudino and others to follow Lippi back to hengda. Li Tie has just been happy from the Chinese class, but also to determine the basic re appointed as the Chinese assistant team Lippi. From the Huaxia happiness after class, Li Tie will go to Europe to study outside rumors. But if the person studying in Lippi teacher’s, than to go to Europe for further study or even a hundred times stronger than. Let Li Tie return to Hengda, just like Lippi such a world-class coach. This time to give Lippi Hengda in the extension of the decision-making power, the team will be to replace foreign aid. Lippi picked Alan at the end of two, the team will leave the GalAT thigh. The introduction of the winter 4200W European J horse, came to the team, the team can not be delayed. Then to the long-term absence of injuries, after returning the state in general, and the most important is that J the horse is general when Scolari picked, now only pot back together. The Lippi team has begun to rival "the missing gun", as long as a suitable candidate, after the end of the season, the horse will be on loan from J! As for Paulinho, through the two season, violent bird got more and.相关的主题文章: