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UnCategorized Because the net may be a .paratively new frontier, it’s remained insufficiently regulated in terms of the law. This makes it tough to prosecute cyber crimes even in countries wherever government has the technological capability for detection. additionally, though most countries and states have laws concerning cyber crime, these area unit removed from uniform or in step with decrees in alternative places in order that what’s thought-about illegal in one website is also legal in another. This points to the necessity for a .prehensive read of cyber crime law not simply domestically however internationally. Geography and Cyber Crime Geography plays a awfully vital part in creating laws on cyber crime thus this can be wherever all states and nations have to be .pelled to agree on several grey areas. First, the problem of geographic jurisdiction must be settled. Whenever cyber crimes area unit .mitted, there’s a giant likelihood that the perpetrator isn’t within the same state or country as his or her victim. This has serious implications for enforcement as a result of before investigation will occur, the involved enforcement agency should have legal jurisdiction. On high of this, the agency needs to confirm whether or not the act .mitted by the wrongdoer is taken into account criminal wherever it absolutely was .mitted and what specific circumstances area unit gift. At present, law books don’t adequately answer questions on these problems. whereas many nations and governments have passed laws on crimes that area unit done through the net (, larceny of wireless services, spamming, fraud, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, unauthorized access) the problem of jurisdiction remains ambiguous. Geographic jurisdiction is of prime importance as a result of laws disagree from state to state or country to country. as an example, what happens if AN act is taken into account amerceable wherever the victim is found however is legal wherever the wrongdoer .mitted it? that enforcement agency has authority and what procedure is to be followed? Anonymity and Identity Before anything, once a cyber crime is .mitted, the victim and enforcement agencies should be able to establish not solely wherever however UN agency the wrongdoer is. {this is this is often this will be} not a straightforward ac.plishment to ac.plish as a result of individuals can simply take shelter in obscurity once exploitation the net. it’ll be tough to trace down perpetrators for as long as identities is hidden through services which will camouflage AN information processing address by bouncing through many servers. Eugene Kaspersky once projected that net "passports" be adopted to assist .bat the issues that arise with obscurity however this suggestion has thus far met no success. .bined with jurisdiction, the problem of obscurity each serve to encourage individuals to .mit crimes. it’s vital for cyber crime law to handle each problems totally. Technology and social control The technological capability of governments and enforcement has improved greatly within the past decade. pc forensics has be.e thus developed it’s currently doable to look at digital proof and keep it "untouched"; specialists area unit currently able to preserve the integrity of digital knowledge in order that these is accepted in court. Even ill deleted files has be.e simple for trained examiners. To some extent, legal procedure features adapted to the present progress in technology in order that digital proof currently has a place in court. However, notwithstanding changes in procedure, the primary concern in cyber crime continues to be to be able to prosecute them; this takes everybody back to the law. Some sensible info .puter forensics currently makes it doable to trace information processing, examine knowledge (and leave it intact), recover deleted files and search data for clues to spot criminals; this makes obscurity less of an ideal veil. At an equivalent time, recognizing the damage that cyber crime will cause, a lot of and a lot of states, and countries area unit collaborating to adopt congruent legislation. maybe the day can even return once inter jurisdictional task forces can enforce .prehensive and consistent cyber crime law. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: