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Real-Estate The jet-set lifestyle of the international businessman is steadily evolving. Whereas business travellers to London would in the past have been happy to check into one of the city’s upmarket central hotels, nowadays they have a choice. Hotels are all well and good for an overnight stay in the city: most will offer all the facilities you need, as well as comfortable surroundings associated with central London’s pricy hotels. However, the hotel environment can often be neutral and impersonal, especially for medium to long-term stays. Dull, lifeless rooms that are carbon copies of every other room in the establishment can make people feel hesitant to treat the room as their own and truly feel settled in their new surroundings. For those looking for a place to live and not just to sleep, short term serviced apartments in London grant you luxurious lodgings for prices that compare favourably with many of the city’s hotels. Serviced apartments in London not only grant you a fitted kitchen – rescuing you from those ludicrously overpriced hotel restaurants – but many also have washer/dryer facilities and a host of other services that you would expect from a good hotel. The central locations of these apartments also plays to your advantage, giving you easy access to a host of bars, restaurants and clubs. For the business traveller, apartments located in the City and Tower Bridge areas give you a prime location, within walking distance of London’s old financial district as well as a host of exclusive restaurants and bars. Pleasureseekers would do well to seek out some of the chic serviced apartments in the boroughs of Knightsbridge and Chelsea – elegant traditional facades give way to lavish modern interiors, temporarily giving you the feeling of living in a stylish apartment in London’s most fashionable and exclusive areas – even if it is only for a short stay. The advantages of serviced apartments don’t stop at simply having more control over your own facilities, and more space in a city notorious for its premium on living space. Many short term apartments are renovated to the highest specifications and designed professionally; and with a separate living space and kitchen you can have guests or clients over with no difficulty, whether for an impromptu meeting, brainstorming session or just to entertain. Travellers these days expect more than just a room with a bed – London serviced apartments offer a ‘home-away-from-home’ feeling that hotels simply cannot match, and the added opulence and luxury of your surroundings will aid you, whether you work through the night, or spend your downtime relaxing in your elegant environs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: