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Longmen Grottoes stone head was in the French trading 10 dollars a shame of Longmen Grottoes imagine you are a traveler in 1923 to Chinese exploration. Leave Beijing, you take a map, bag, water bottles, tin cans, camera, flash and passport. You have been warned that border area bandits. After a while, and suggest that you wear a shotgun or automatic revolver. Finally, you take the pinghan Railway (Beijing – Hankou) the train to Henan city of Luoyang province. Where, if you hold Beijing diplomatic officials a letter of introduction, ready to meet the command of field marshal Wu Peifu ahead. There is a huge park 6.4 kilometers away from the railway station. Wu Peifu, nicknamed the "jade handsome", is the western region China fearsome warlord. It is said that he is the commander of the 100 thousand squad, also has the world’s largest diamond. You can’t help but wonder at the portrait of George Washington when he was introduced to the "jade handsome". It is embedded in the map of the Marshal’s command wall. You did not expect that, jade handsome short stature, agile action. He is fluent in English at Shanghai University in Saint John. You accept his kind invitation to have dinner with him, looking forward to tasting Luoyang jelly "well-known, far and near". Luoyang water banquet feast is divided into several tables, each table 6. The restaurant outside the band playing music. The dinner dishes are 8 cold dishes, 16 hot dishes followed. Each dish is composed of different sizes of blue bowl, using different cooking soup. Of course, the main course is "jelly" radish imitation bird’s nest taste. At this point, the banquet draws to an end. Jade handsome up, dinner ended. You use a variety of gifts for "Yu shuai". At this point, you want to do a good job with him, so that the smooth journey behind you. The second day at 6 in the morning, through the troubled area along the railway line that you need to carry more security documents, local officials to escort a letter of introduction, and Wu Yuanshuai’s cavalry, have left the ancient city wall around Luoyang. The ancient capital had a glorious past, but now it is fading. You get on a rickshaw and head toward Longmen Grottoes, more than and 20 kilometers south of your destination. It was the final destination of the Buddhist pilgrimage, the end of the legendary Silk road. You take the raft through the river, there is a horse waiting for. You ride your horse and come to a small village in Longmen Grottoes. In 495 ad, Emperor Xiaowen (471 to 499 years) the capital from Shanxi to Luoyang datong. After that, Luoyang became the destination of Buddhist monks. They swim along the origin of Buddhism between northern India and Chinese trade routes, those trade routes are collectively referred to as the "silk road". The Longmen Grottoes has 2345 caves, they carved on the dark grey limestone cliff, and Buddhist monks in seclusion. Longmen Grottoes has 100 thousand statues, nearly 2500 stone tablets. At this time, Longmen Grottoes protection department has disappeared,. Longmen Grottoes is one of the Chinese three grotto temple, as a religious pilgrimage, there has been abandoned for a long time. Nevertheless, Chinese still know and admire Longmen Grottoes, especially where the tablets of calligraphy. Longmen Edition相关的主题文章: