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LPGA Arija aimed at ending the war championship from the collapse of May sina sports flower sister transformation of Beijing on November 16th news, Thailand contestant Arija has decided: if the huge prize she won the CME championship race around the world, what is the first thing she had to do. She’ll take her out to dinner. Sure, including appetizers and dessert, after all, the prize is $1 million! On the one hand, a few months ago, it seems unlikely; on the other hand, when Arija came to Naples for the season finale: leader, when the CME Tour Championship is the annual competition in fact, she also leads in the money list also. If the high Baojing this week can not win, she also won the best player of the year award, because she won 5 games this season, also won the 10 top ten, so far, from all angles, she is the best player on the tour match. "This year I changed my focus," aria said, "I tried to focus on the positive, rather than negative aspects. Even if I play a bad ball, I don’t complain, I just hit the following." Such a bad ball doesn’t look so much. Thailand 20 year old’s April add something prior to the stroke, and the grip, or swing not what relation. Before most of the shots, she began to smile, such a little trick is her way of moving her mind away from the game. Very obvious, a great role. "Aria has been playing well, she constantly put themselves in good position," Gao Baojing said. On the LPGA tour people often call for Aria "May flower", undoubtedly, the nickname in this year is very appropriate. In May this year, she participated in the three race, she won all three games champion. It was her first LPGA victory, and she began her journey to the second place in the world. Arija has also gone through the crash and she is sure that she was on top of the LPGA. Arija did not qualify in the first leg of the season, she played in the second round of the final round of the 84 leg, in March, the week of the week in which the attention of the two, the total loss of the championship after her 39. "Do you still remember?" Aria asked, "I really played over 84 bar?" Arija is joking. She can remember every detail of the day. At that time, she was playing with a wood, even if she should not use a wooden hole. She wants to know what’s wrong with her. To be sure, those days are gone. Arija, Gao Baojing and Brook – is the three most likely to win the CME world championship this week to win the championship in the. On Monday, the three of them took pictures of a plastic box containing millions of dollars in cash, and at that time, the idea of a man who had moved to a place where he would have won. This season, the average number of shots in the first six races of the game was about 72.4, but since then, in the last 21 races, the average has dropped to about 69相关的主题文章: