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Luneng air Glutinous Rice Balls homesickness solution coach sick but does not affect the play – Sohu sports HD: Luneng for Sanfrecce Hiroshima Wang Dalei virtuoso show floral foot last season, Luneng AFC Champions League game play is not ideal, Japanese media are well aware of this, yesterday asked Wang Dalei in the pre match press conference, Luneng this year whether there will be progress? Wang Dalei replied: "we replaced the coach this year, I think the new coach is more suitable for this new Shandong team, we play this year more perfect, more mature." After coming to Japan, affected by the temperature difference, Luneng coach Menezes had a cold these days. On the 21 day of training, Menezes insisted on leading training, but at the time, because of the extremely cold weather, it was finally frozen out early. Yesterday morning Menezes was still uncomfortable, can only be replaced by assistant coach Sidney attended the press conference. According to insiders revealed Menezes Luneng, although sick, but will not affect the command. Sidney also talked about the situation of the rival: "Sanfrecce Hiroshima is a very strong team, their recent competitive state are also very good, when we China had begun their research." Sanfrecce Hiroshima has just won the Japanese super cup, the game was played in the super Utaka scored a victory ball, Sanfrecce Hiroshima coach Paul Benson for his unstinting in his praise: "his attack ability is very strong, physical fitness, and create opportunities for the goal is also very good, but in our team, can not say 100% play individual ability, we pay attention to the whole team." Because the AFC Champions Luneng will play additional games this year, the whole new year’s Eve is to celebrate the new year in Adelaide, australia. Yesterday is the fifteen China traditional Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival is not the Japanese tradition, in order to make Glutinous Rice Balls high streets and back lanes are hard to find, the players feel the festive atmosphere, the club exclusively from domestic air Glutinous Rice Balls to Hiroshima, let the players have a Glutinous Rice Balls, a solution of nostalgia bitter. Special correspondent Guo Jigang from Hiroshima

鲁能空运汤圆解思乡之苦 主帅抱恙但不影响发挥-搜狐体育 高清:鲁能备战广岛三箭 王大雷炫技大秀插花脚   上赛季,鲁能的亚冠比赛发挥不理想,日本媒体深知这点,昨天在赛前新闻发布会上问王大雷,鲁能今年是否会有进步?王大雷回答:“今年我们更换了主教练,我觉得新的教练更适合这支新的山东队,我们今年打法更加完善,更成熟。”   来到日本后受温差影响,鲁能主帅梅内塞斯这几天患上了感冒。在21日的训练课上,梅内塞斯坚持带队训练,但当时由于天气格外寒冷,最终被冻得只好提前退场。昨日上午梅内塞斯身体依旧不舒服,只能改由助理教练西德尼出席发布会。据鲁能内部人员透漏,梅内塞斯虽然抱恙,但不会影响到临场指挥。   西德尼又谈到了对手的情况:“广岛三箭是一支非常强大的球队,他们最近竞技状态也都非常好,我们在中国的时候就已经开始研究他们的情况了。”   广岛三箭刚刚夺得了日本超级杯冠军,比赛里曾在中超踢球的乌塔卡攻入了锁定胜局一球,广岛三箭主帅森保对他不吝赞美之词:“他的攻击能力很强,体能、创造机会和射门上也很出色,但是在我们的球队,不能说100%的发挥个人能力,我们是讲究整体的球队。”   由于今年亚冠鲁能要打附加赛,今年除夕夜全队是在澳大利亚阿德莱德欢度新年。昨日是正月十五,中国传统的元宵佳节,日本没有过元宵节的传统,大街小巷汤圆难寻,为了让球员们感受到了节日气氛,俱乐部专门从国内空运了汤圆到广岛,让队员们吃上一口汤圆,一解思乡之苦。   特约记者郭吉刚发自广岛相关的主题文章: