Mainland people look at Taiwan do not deliberately ignore the beauty of the two sides of the United ajviewer

Mainland Taiwan: Beijing September Beijing do not deliberately ignore on both sides of the people of the United States – 14, "Wang Taiwan newspaper" published 14 Fujian Putian University student Chen Jianxiong article said that the world is so beautiful, so beautiful on both sides, I hope everyone can see the most beautiful and most beautiful scenery, with a calm and the attitude towards life. Article excerpts are as follows: a cold this year makes the whole winter are unusually cold, don’t snow in Taiwan is floating snow, Yangming Mountain a piece of white. In the 14th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the Lantern Festival has not been, with a heart of the family don’t want to pack up to fly to the east coast, ready to start the trainees second semester of study and life. Has been living in Taipei for half a year, Taipei is no longer strange to me, I am used to living here with the way people live. The day back to Taipei, the plane landed at the Songshan Airport is already more than nine o’clock in the evening, take the MRT Neihu line back to the dormitory is not earlier, the rush to settle the baggage later finished bed. When fix everything ready to wash when the rest of the dormitory next door before I went to Taipei for me Mr. X a bowl of red bean soup is hot. Mr. X said the soup is Tofu pudding shop owner called me. I took the bag, touched the hearts of infinite. The night in a strange land a hot red heart soup from the mouth to warm the soup, taste like the boiling it uncle, mellow, delicate warm warm heart. Uncle Tofu pudding shop opened in the vicinity, because nearly so we often come over after school. Uncle is a love to chat with people, first down in two words or three everyone would know; a pub in his shop like collecting Tofu pudding our story, as a boss he often took the cloth to wipe the counter, while listening to us to talk to her life. Leave Taiwan back to the mainland has been two months, I will go back to what was unknown, sitting in the shop head uncle to drink a bowl of soup; because I live in the city is not open to the free exercise of Taiwan policy, so these are questions. Sometimes the people who walk through the road are hard to meet again, the benefits have become difficult to repay. Not only Tofu pudding shop owner, in a year from the north of the bustling city to the fields south from the west to the east of the vast plains of the Mangyeong, I perceived him is a Taiwanese polite, refined and cultured and full of human touch, and they are all ordinary diligent love life the ordinary people. Indeed, the Taiwanese look is what I think some of the features of the Chinese, I truly admire the beauty of the lovely creature. Taiwan Strait is very narrow, even by boat, from Pingtan port to Taipei port as long as more than two hours. But even in such a shallow strait, people on both sides of the Strait are still biased against each other. I think every society is the same, there are good and bad people, only to see the bad side and to expand the exaggerated should be the worst way to look at the. While some of the media in Taiwan is keen to report negative news on the mainland, every day in a single push, which should be extremely irresponsible behavior. The world is so beautiful, the two sides are so beautiful.相关的主题文章: