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Data-Recovery What does it take to recover hard drive files that look like they have disappeared forever? There is actually no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to hard drive recovery, but realizing where to start is critical. Whether you’ve accidentally deleted files, mistakenly partitioned or formatted your hard drive or simply had an average hard drive failure, the first 15 minutes to 60 minutes is a important time for you. Your actions during this period should be the difference between retrieved data and happiness, and a pricey data recovery nightmare. Having a data loss problem is something no one wants to go through, but inevitably will. Preparing now will save you a lot of stress tomorrow. Consider these few tips: 1. Panic Is Your Biggest Enemy – Basic fact of life in the data recovery industry: panic, do something crazy(which naturally panicked people tend to do), and you can say goodbye to your data. Whether you’re missing a key assignment your boss is asking for, or have experienced a catastrophic hard disk drive malfunction, the best thing you can do is to take some time out and take a deep breath. In almost all physical hard drive failure scenarios, the only thing a layman PC user can do is make things worse. With lost files, data recovery software may be a solution, but contacting a professional first is always the easiest way to preserve your data. 2. Run From Utilities, Data Recovery Software – Repeat this five times in your inside voice: "popular utility products are not created for recovering hard drive files or data". Feel better? Now close up any of the utility products you have open right now and take a deep breath. These software often overwrite the files you’re wanting to recover, and are brutal when some really critical data is at risk. Why try to use a Swiss Army Knife when you need a precision tool constructed for the job? And as for data recovery software, buyer beware. It’s a well known fact that data recovery software shops prey on naive users with lost or accidentally deleted files, and the high prices they charge testify to this. Ask yourself who this vendor is, and be very careful with your money in this situation. Remember also that if the software fails, you’re probably not getting a refund. No guarantees? You betcha! 3. Trust An Expert – One of the things many of us prefer not to do in this age of chat and quick Internet contact is to actually pick up a telephone. The fact is, the majority of hard drive recovery vendors have a toll-free line staffed by people who help people recover hard drive files and data every single day of the week. Benefiting from this skill is free, and can certainly help chill you out in the event that the data is a little more "mission critical" than a few family pictures and some old IMs. The worst that can happen with a professional on the line is that you at least figure out a direction to go in. Shouldn’t you consider this? Don’t commit the same mistake that the majority of people commit when they’ve lost a file or an entire drive. So much of whether you can recover hard drive data has to do with the things you do when it happens, so sit back, take a breath and call a professional. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: