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Interior-Decorating A house is merely a structure of bricks until they are embellished with proper material. Any structure can be an amazing piece of architecture if decorated with mosaic tiles. Mosaics are very colourful and eye catching. Because these are assembled form of colourful stones these are far different from unusual tiles. The pebbles are especially taken from Indonesia which is famous for its natural beauty. The tiles are made of different colours and there is huge range of colour options to choose from. For each room colour can be selected accordingly. So, one tile type can be used for entire house and burden of shopping for individual rooms is omitted. Taking rough idea white or light pink coloured marble tiles can be suitable for the frontal walls and floors. Conversely, black coloured mosaics plates will loo beautiful n living room or halls. Black colour can be used to add extra shine to the shelves as well. Blue and golden coloured mosaic pieces are good alternatives for guest room and bed rooms. There are three major types of marble tiles- mosaics limestone, mosaic glass tiles, and marble mosaics. Mosaic limestone is a preferred tile for kitchen, like in basin and walls. This form of mosaic is available in different textures, like natural, polished, flamed, hammered etc. They look marvellous in each of the textures when given final touch, but they are more demanding in terms of their maintenance. Mosaic glass tile on the other hand are known to add an exceptional simmering look to the room. Due to their shining effect any room gets a glamour effect. Direct sunlight or electrical lights magnify their exuberant glaze. This amazing and glamorous tile offers too many options such as swirled, mini, metallic, iridescent and vitreous glass mosaic. Mosaics are basically an art material which is used for creating various types of art pieces. The scope of marble tile is not restricted only to walls and floors, but there are many more amazing applications. Mosaic pools, mosaic tables, rack and shelves are fewer examples of mosaic tiles application. Among them mosaic table tops look astounding when used in living room. However, it can be used anywhere one wants. Whether hardly can effect mosaic and hence it can be placed outside as well without the fear of damage. Many people like to have mosaic table top as coffee table in their backyard or garden. So, there are endless utility of marble tiles now it depends how they are used to enhance the beauty of home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: