Maternity leave extended, female employment or more difficult 乃々果花

The extension of maternity leave, female employment or more difficult on the eve of National Day holiday, the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee made amendments to the "Guangdong province population and family planning regulations", a substantial extension of fertility reward holiday, from the original 30 days extended to 80 days, so the female worker maternity leave from 128 days to 178 days, in case of cesarean section is dystocia plus 30 days up to 208 days. However, the news on the first day of the national day of the reasons for the explosion of the circle of friends, but not because of the birth of a long holiday happiness, but a variety of maternity leave may exacerbate the difficulties of women’s employment difficulties. The most trouble is probably the single and nonparous groups — for the enterprise, under the new deal, with a first nonparous possible "three years with two of female workers" sign a three year contract, the other party may add up to a year. This "risk", how many "conscience" enterprises will be willing to take? Therefore, the society must face up to: fertility is a cost. In a commodity society, the cost of giving birth to children in the production of female workers stopped working on the maternity leave mechanism is essentially related to the cost of the parties involved in the specification. Female worker maternity leave at the same time, employ female workers of the enterprise must find a substitute, to maintain the operation. Only if the government issued regulations to extend maternity leave, without touching the economic cost to maintain the operation of the enterprise, so just do "dinner" this step, and to pay for the number of "dumped enterprises. In fact, before the introduction of the two child policy, single and nonparous women in the job than the married women competitive, many business executives will in order to avoid the false marriage caused by the shortage of staff and other people. Indeed, marriage is the legitimate rights of workers, but the economic cost is always practice this right by the enterprise to bear; similarly, maternity maternity insurance seems to have the support, regardless of how the implementation of five social insurance and one housing fund, even if the family expenses settled enterprises during the period of shortage, who solved? Under the rational thinking, the enterprise will exhaust all legal means, the cost of passing on to the children of female workers, the most extreme performance is simply do not hire them. The cost of giving birth has already been transferred to women in the form of employment difficulties, the extension of maternity leave seems to further exacerbate the situation. Women in the circle of friends expressed a variety of concerns, just because of the familiar workplace of the unspoken rules and immediately perceive the crisis response. So how to calculate the cost of reproduction is reasonable, in order to reduce the impact on female workers? In Guangdong on the extension of maternity leave, I am afraid to be divided into two issues to discuss. One is the cost of birth who should reveal, two is the extension of maternity leave how to avoid men and women equal employment opportunity. From the viewpoint of whole society, female children will be the taxpayers of future society, to provide services for future taxpayers, is clearly the responsibility of the government, sharing the cost of birth, "output" since there are families especially for her participation, "money" is by public finance to pay it. Some would say that only the Nordic countries with high welfare have the ability to do so, and this is not the case. We take the social insurance as the core of the social security system, as well as social insurance in this look at the ancestor of Germany, the five major types of being no maternity insurance — especially.相关的主题文章: