Means of payment more than my money back 15% this paper is dedicated to the apple user –

5 means to pay more than my money to the backstage 15% "apple" user – Sohu morning, Apple Pay officially launched in Chinese area, he tweeted, "welcome to try, to experience it convenience of excellence!" When the morning subway brush circle of friends Xiaobian found that everyone is very enthusiastic, the people have used the Apple Pay to buy the star dad and maidangdang — oh no, it should be said that is the lucky few. Why is it lucky? Because you have to pay for it with Apple Pay, you have to pass five passes and six. The first is the hardware level. To use Apple Pay to pay in the entity store, you first have to have a iPhone 6S 6S Plus, iPhone 66 Plus or Apple Watch. Well, a wave has struck a big ticket. So those users with iPhone 5S can click on the top right corner to transfer to your iPhone 6S tyrant friends! Of course, Android users this thing itself and your wood god horse relationship?! And then the software level. If you haven’t upgraded to iOS 9.2, quickly find a place where WiFi has power, upgrade the system, and then we’ll talk again. Here’s a crucial piece of character. According to market rumors, a large number of users in the bank card binding in the battle of the glorious sacrifice, for example: unable to connect WiFi signal full grid you said to me, "please make sure you have access to the Internet, you make me?! And there’s no send code. Contact issuers? What should I say after the call is connected? And this, it is not what you see add: the reason, as early as a reporter friend call Apple customer service, be explained because "system traffic jam": the binding number is too large, resulting in network congestion, the system is in line, suggest that we continue to work tomorrow. The so-called "pay three seconds, bind three hours"". Xiaobian think, server collapse is an excuse, Apple Pay is to help you save money and slow temper, in the impetuous society much rare, one thing to do for three hours! Look at this, bound dozens of times, still unremitting efforts: this kind of painstaking, you get?! But you must persist in wilfully and arbitrarily words, we also have a trick for you: if you own bank card binding, even decided to pay handsome operation in front of colleagues today, may also encounter the following situations: 1, the force state of Meng: what Pooh? The post means of payment than I have more money to the back of 15% "apple" appeared first on Enjoy users and elegance.

支付手段比我的钱还多 本文献给后台15%的“苹果呸”用户-搜狐   早上5点,Apple Pay 在中国地区正式上线,库克发微博说了,“欢迎大家踊跃尝试,体验它卓越的便捷性!”      早上挤地铁刷朋友圈的时候小编就发现,大家真是挺踊跃的,手快的人已经用Apple Pay买了星爸爸和麦当当――哦不,应该说是一小撮幸运儿。      为什么说是幸运儿呢?因为要用Apple Pay 成功支付,你得过五关斩六将。   首先是硬件层面。要用Apple Pay在实体店支付,你首先得拥有一台iPhone 6s 6s Plus、iPhone 6 6 Plus或Apple Watch。好了,一个浪已经打走了一大票人。所以那些用iPhone 5s的用户可以点击右上角转给你那些使用iPhone 6s的土豪盆友们了!当然,安卓用户这件事情本身和你们木有神马关系!      然后是软件层面。如果你还没有升级到iOS 9.2,赶紧找个有wifi有电源的地方升级一下系统,然后我们再聊。      下面就到了至关重要的拼人品层面了。   据坊间传言,一大批用户已在绑定银行卡的战役中光荣牺牲,比如无法连接:      满格的wifi信号你跟我说“请确定您已接入互联网”,你逗我呢啊?!      还有无法发送验证码的。联系发卡机构?请问电话接通以后我该说什么?      以及这种,反正就是添加不了你看怎么着吧:      究其原因,早有记者朋友致电苹果客服,得到解释是因为“系统塞车”:由于绑定人数太多,造成了网络堵塞,目前系统正在排队,建议大家明天继续努力。      所谓“支付三秒钟,绑定三小时”。小编觉得吧,服务器崩了就是借口,Apple Pay就是来帮大家磨磨性子和省钱的,在这个浮躁的社会多难得啊,专注一件事做了三个小时!   看看这位,绑定了几十次还在不懈努力:      这种苦心,你们get了吗!   不过你一定要一意孤行的话,我们也有绝招送给你:         就算你排除万难绑定了银行卡,甚至打定了主意今天要在同事面前帅气地进行买单操作,也有可能遇到以下情况:      1、服务员懵逼状态:      啥呸?   The post 支付手段比我的钱还多 本文献给后台15%的“苹果呸”用户appeared first on Enjoy雅趣.相关的主题文章: