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Media: your children do not cram school? Who letter! No matter how Sohu Review School "burden", the burden is not cut down, like "people’s Daily" that the number of lost in the school, in the extracurricular increased much, and artificially increase the family burden. Hangzhou "City Express" spent 8 length version, with reports of education and training institutions "and" from a series of problems to the effectiveness of the school enrollment, teaching, confirms the "people’s Daily" recently about the academic burden on students from the class to class judgment. I just accompany the child with a few Festival Hall to listen to "learn and think" course. To tell the truth, the teacher talked about what specific, I have forgotten, not to mention the child. With the impression that the city express, the report is true, credible. In the eyes of experts, the teaching activities of the education and training institutions are not in line with the modern teaching philosophy, contrary to the laws of teaching. With my limited knowledge of education, the evaluation of experts is not unreasonable. But the question is, why do so many parents (which even included Executive Education) do not listen, ignore the teaching theory of modern education advice, for the education and training institutions in droves? The direct reason is quite simple, "and" let your child scores increase the likelihood of more in the short term, in the final analysis, we are directed to improve scores. With this, all the good persuasion is invalid. The tutorial is an East Asian cultural learning and thinking there are so many "problems", so whether you can blame it on education astray? The answer is negative. When the students follow the "New Oriental" and "Li Yang English" with the crazy, degree of not much, but now this wave of trend spread to the kindergarten and primary school. If the vision is to relax, you will find that the East Asian cultural circle of Japan and South Korea, have strong "culture classes". Li Yang, the founder of Crazy English, doesn’t need to say in mainland china. According to the statistics of the Education Department of Taiwan area, in January 2013, the whole set of filing cram school a total of 18956, the number of more than twice the number of convenience stores everywhere on the streets of Taiwan. Taipei has a so-called tutorial street, the street – Nanyang street, many cram schools gathered here. In Taiwan, has formed a unique "school culture", the campus entrance, subway stations, newspapers, television, advertising everywhere cram school. The situation in Hongkong is even more exaggerated. In 2015, Hongkong buxiban off the "King" battle, a chain of tutorial published a full page advertisement in the newspaper, open to 85 million Hong Kong dollars price lures "cram school king Lin Yixin teacher. In Hongkong, some cram school teacher posters are made into a star shape to recruit students. In 1996 the Hongkong government data show that Hongkong enrolled students ratio of 34.1%; in 2009 the number of Hongkong Youth Association for 56.7%; University of Hong Kong study in 2012 showed that the number of participating tuition amounted to 72.5%. The tutorial has almost become a territory activity. South Korea’s tutorial market is also very powerful. South Korea’s Kim is the leading star.相关的主题文章: