Men buy simulation gun traffickers posing as fraud black car driver 11 thousand yuan-actv

Men buy simulation gun traffickers posing as fraud black car drivers 11 thousand yuan to buy a piece of transparent soap, made the simulation gun, Sichuan man has thought of posing as drug traffickers, fraud black car drivers, also often successful, two years of successful 6 cases of fraud, money more than 1.1 yuan. Recently, the Zhangjiagang court to fraud and sentenced Liu imprisonment for 7 months, and fined 1 thousand yuan. Liu in the crime of theft, fraud, blackmail and impose exactions on crime and other criminal cases, incorrigible, since from home to Zhangjiagang, I have been doing the dream windfall. In a chat with friends, heard can counterfeit drug trafficking to make money, Liu think feasible, ready to get up. He bought some transparent soap, poker, and spent 4000 yuan to prepare a simulation gun. Liu wrapped transparent soap with yellow tape and tied it to a dark bag. The next day, Liu will these things put in their bag, went out and found a black car, sitting in the copilot position. The driver in accordance with the requirements in a Ni Liu will be sent to Changshu Yushan, along the way, two people gradually understand. Soon, the car arrived at its destination. Liu did not want to give money meaning, on the contrary, he took the simulation gun from the shoulder bag, and deliberately pulled the sleeve in front of ni. "? What is this? " Ni Mou didn’t hold back the sentence. " in fact, I’m a drug dealer, we do this line with this gun in order to prevent security, " Liu also let Ni a reassuring, expressed that he will not hurt her. After finishing, Liu put the gun in the waist, and use clothes to cover up, and let Ni in the car waiting for him, said he had to go down inspection. Go on for a while, Liu back to the car, say to Ni " I do not have enough money, you borrow some money to me, our line of profit is high, borrow 100 also 200. " after listening to Ni took out 150 yuan to Liu mou. Liu took the money off after a return to the car, " I want to buy your cigarette, you lend me some money. " Liu continue to fabricate, but Ni believe Liu said is true, and then took out 100 yuan. After getting off the car for half an hour, Liu returned to the car, told Ni has experienced good goods, let them send themselves to a town. The car arrived at the site, Liu said to go down trading, but after getting off, Ni Mou did not wait until liu. At this point, Liu had already left Zhangjiagang by bus. The investigation, from June 2014 to May 2016, Liu successive 6 crimes in the same way, cheat quarter, Xu and other 6 people totaling 1.1 yuan of money. The victim found himself cheated and reported to the police. According to clues, in May this year, the police successfully captured Liu somewhere in the countryside of Zhangjiagang.

男子买仿真枪冒充贩毒人员 诈骗黑车司机1.1万元买块透明皂,弄了把仿真枪,四川籍男子竟然想到了冒充贩毒人员,诈骗黑车司机,还屡屡成功,两年时间成功诈骗 6 起,获得钱财 1.1 万余元。日前,张家港法院以诈骗罪,判处刘某有期徒刑 7 个月,并处罚金 1 千元。刘某在有敲诈勒索罪、盗窃罪、诈骗罪等前科的情况下,屡教不改,自打从老家到张家港之后,心里就一直做着发横财的春秋大梦。在一次和朋友聊天时,听闻可以假冒贩毒赚钱,刘某认为可行,便准备了起来。他买了点透明皂、扑克牌,又花了 4000 元准备了一把仿真枪。刘某将透明皂用黄色胶带包裹,并将扑克牌拿深色袋子系了起来。次日,刘某将这些东西统一放在自己的单肩包里,出门找了一辆小黑车,坐在了副驾驶的位置。司机倪某按照刘某要求在将其送至常熟虞山,一路上,两人逐渐熟络。很快,车子便到达目的地。刘某并没有要给钱的意思,相反他从双肩包中把仿真枪拿了出来,特意在倪某面前拉了一下套筒的。" 这是什么东西?" 倪某没忍住问了句。" 其实我是贩毒的,干我们这行都带着这枪以防安全," 刘某还让倪某放心,表示自己是不会伤害她的。说完刘某就把枪别在了腰后并用衣服盖起来,并让倪某在车上等他,称自己要下去验货。走下去一会儿,刘某折回车上,对倪某说 " 我身上的钱不够,你借点钱给我吧,我们这行利润很高,借 100 还 200。" 听完倪某拿出了 150 元给刘某。刘某拿着钱下车后一会儿再次回到了车上," 我想给对方买条烟,你再借我点钱。" 刘某继续编造,但倪某相信刘某所言都是真的,便又拿出了 100 元。下车后过了半小时,刘某回到车上,告诉倪某已经验好货,让其送自己去某镇。车子到达地点,刘某说要下去交易,但下车后,倪某就再也没等到刘某。而此时刘某早已乘公交车离开了张家港。经查,2014 年 6 月至 2016 年 5 月间,刘某接二连三用同样的方式作案 6 起,骗得季某、徐某等 6 人钱财共计 1.1 万余元。受害者发现自己被骗后,均向警方报案。根据线索,今年 5 月,民警在张家港乡下某处成功抓获刘某。相关的主题文章: