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Millet MIX fired to thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan, there is no market price – tech Sohu scoop November 12th news: millet in the new fall conference, not only launched the millet Note2, also brought a concept mobile phone millet MIX. The thought that after the conference millet Note2 will become the most difficult to buy millet products, did not expect to grab a millet MIX. The reason why millet called MIX concept phone, because this product uses a lot of the current market does not have the phone technology, such as the full screen concept. When you see the renderings will think that MIX is a borderless product, in fact, otherwise. Millet MIX only through the corresponding technology to cancel the traditional mobile phone front above the sensor and the receiver, let mobile phone front looks more like a full screen, and this design is in the mainstream market is now very rare. At the same time, the machine body material is also the use of pure ceramics, and even physical buttons are made of ceramics, the production process can be imagined. Conference, Lei Jun also repeatedly stressed that the mobile phone is a bit expensive, the standard version is 3499 yuan, and as the number of production problems listed will be very few. The implication is that we are not in the moment, the mobile phone due to the design, materials and manufacturing difficulty will appear the problem of insufficient capacity. But you can’t buy it, as long as you have money. Cattle, of course, will not miss this opportunity to make money, the original price of 34993999 of the product was increased to 20 thousand, or even 40 thousand, but also a small amount of supply. [Dong Jingsheng]: commissioning editor相关的主题文章: