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Miss beauty! Chongqing 14 college students were caught! A student at the Southwestern University Xiao Tang met a handsome legs in the campus of Chinese University Hong Kong exchange students claiming to be behind the expansion however let the small Tang very like a regret exchange student said he surnamed Han, I urge Xiao Tang with their familiar environment to prove his identity also took the initiative to produce identity cards, student cards at night 8, with the Han Tang period around the campus two people chat very happy then, Han made another request that night, Xiao Tang put 2900 yuan of money to Han card but second days did not receive the repayment of the other connection lost to find themselves cheated, and quickly called the little Tang police multi diagnostic investigation police through the case cracked Pak will soon encounter is a gang of 11 people born in Anhui Chengdu, mainly in Xi’an, Chongqing, Guiyang, Kunming and Chongqing have fled the crime 14 students caught with On the field, the current verification has more than 30 students cheated amount reached 100 thousand yuan in Hong Kong and Macao suspects forged ID cards and students use part of College Students’ weak consciousness of preventing fraud at present, Chongqing police in Kunming arrested 11 suspects the case is further investigation相关的主题文章: