My parents over money and a wardrobe series of cool autumn single product Dad hat! (video)

My parents over money and a wardrobe series of cool autumn single product: Dad Hat! Amazing before you turn over the father of the mountain cool drag, mom’s sweater, today is the turn of his father, this time is his hat. Some people may think that the summer hat is exclusive, anyway, I can’t at 38 degrees day wearing a hat cover a sweat, the autumn temperature is just good ~ this is the title of "Dad Hat in Europe and the United States" hat, is a recent favorite supermodel Hanna li. She in all you want to get dressed and not wearing, all wore such a "cap". For example, in the T-shirt + sports tights look up a hat and then it is normal to cut? But when the supermodel wearing high-heeled shoes dress, wearing Dad Hat… Fan Bingbing interpretation of the ultimate Baby sexy star pink meat covered to backless even a little interesting evening sleep Sling Dress, also "molimen" to catch the sporty hat. This scene in the spring of 2017 Gucci also appeared on the show, an old model serious Tulle lace dress, wearing a head but can’t bend the street hat is what counts ~Vetements street DNA is very strong, so it’s wearing a dress with a Dad Hat model, I did a little accident. See someone here to ask. Is not a baseball cap. What a gimmick name is Dad Hat! In fact, Dad Hat and the following people seem to be easy to be called a baseball cap hat, there is indeed a big difference. To look at the science of the left: commonly known as truck driver cap, in front of a whole piece is usually fixed, the net surface behind the design to facilitate ventilation; called camping on the edge of the cap, also called 5-Panel, five piece, cap type flat; the lower left is Fitted Cap, flat brim, a circle is not adjust the closed, so hat size. Right under the name of Snapback, based on Fitted Cap, with adjustable buckle ~ for a while, many girls are wearing Fitted or Snapback collocation fashion, I honestly feel super ugly. This kind of hat, hat, hat and wide body usually formed, bulging, the head will become good, let the other looks incongruous… And the so-called Dad Hat requires the following: special cap body is usually soft and amorphous material made by 5-6 sheet. The visor slightly bent back with adjustable buckles, usually of cloth instead of plastic that. This hat can tightly fit the contour of the head, your head is small, this hat can collects more fit in time and a mix of fashion, is still not unexpected. This is one of the most common Nike baseball cap, is not a father? Gigi and Kendall of the two red net love Dad Hat’s most collocation mindless "American sports" wind street… Although this name is Dad Hat Americans, and Americans in recently touted trend. The Korean people next door.相关的主题文章: