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Nanjing couple tour Jeju Island refused entry was "black house" (Photos) Chinese tourists stranded in Cheju Airport, even at night also slept on the ground during the detained will have to pay for dinner, a meal that takes the National Day holiday 50 yuan fine, travel abroad originally is a happy thing. But if no entry was taken into the dark room inside a few days, I believe your heart is breaking. Yesterday, more than Nanjing tourists to reflect the modern express reporter, they with the group or free tour visa in Korea Jeju Island, in the upcoming entry, is to travel is not clearthere seized at the airport "Xiaoheiwu temporary". Previously, there have been media reports, hundreds of Chinese tourists in Jeju Island, South Korea refused entry. "I’m just traveling, notice the group, single trip there, why not let me enter?" Nanjing tourists Zhang did not want to understand. Refused entry could not answer questions, more than China tourists detained without paper hotel orders, since the detained from October 6th at 9:30 in the morning arrived at Cheju Airport, Nanjing tourists Mr. Zhang and his wife have been held at the airport in the dark room for three days. "I am to go abroad for the first time and lover, and notice the group have a passport." Zhang told the modern express reporter, he previously reported a domestic tourism website in Jeju Island, South Korea, 4 nights, 5 self-help tour project. About immigration, customs officer asked South Korea to travel for free, the couple could not answer it. "Why don’t you tell them there’s a problem?" Mr. Zhang is very confused. In addition, inspection staff also on the grounds of "paper hotel orders", questioned the tourism motivation, and seized two passport and a return ticket, they will be locked up in a dark room". Do not understand the local attractions, detained and Mr. Zhang experienced similar, Nanjing citizens Mr. AI also had been kept in the dark room at Cheju Airport for 3 days. Mr. AI told reporters that in August 31st, and their friends with the group travel to South Korea, in the entry, they fell at the end of the line, called to the South Korean Ministry of justice of the trial chamber. "They asked about our work, the purpose of the trip to Korea, and the name of the hotel and scenic spots." Mr. AI said, because it is a tour with the group, he did not pay attention to specific tourist attractions and hotel contact before. Then, the staff on the grounds of "tourism is not clear," Mr. AI and friends refused entry. Students travel alone were college students from Harbin high, and Mr. Zhang locked up in the dark room. National Day holiday, his parents gave him a Jeju Island tour. Is due to travel alone, he was in the clearance inspection staff back. "They asked me, a college student to Korea what I said is to travel shopping, do not believe each other." Small high then took out a student card, still failed to pass. "What are the tourist attractions? What is it like?" A series of questions about the Korean tourism to the small high asked. Xiao Gao said that to South Korea is to play, if all these know what to do. Endless waiting during the holiday travel website no matter in the dark room, a lot of people.相关的主题文章: