Nanjing two electric car collided with the front teeth flew into the bones of orbital card didadi

Nanjing two electric car collided with the front teeth fly into orbital bones stuck in the Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Sun Qian Hu Lin) recently, a sharp decline in sense of vision Tingting junior middle school students, as a ghost. When she came to the Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, the doctor found it is because one of the teeth to "fly" into her eyes! Tingting, 13 years old, is a junior high school student, a month ago, one night, she rode the electric car home. When the door to the cell, Tingting and another woman riding an electric car collided head-on. Tingting’s mother said that the woman in front of the car with a dog, Tingting was to see each other, the other side of the head may be watching the dog, and then her head up, just touching the mouth Tingting’s forehead. After the accident, the damage of the right brow Tingting serious local depression in the local hospital, doctors performed debridement suture. However, a few weeks later, Tingting’s right eye began to swell, blurred vision. The local hospital advised her to go to the big hospital for further examination. When Tingting came to the Department of Neurosurgery of Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, deputy chief physician Fu Chuanjing were surprised to find a foreign body in check, "tooth" shaped card in the graceful on the brow. Combined with each other after the crash in the electric car is indeed defective three teeth, and was not found, Fu Jing Jing suspected foreign body is a tooth. Because the front teeth have foreign body shape of Tingting eye caused oppression, affecting Tingting vision, at noon yesterday, Tingting underwent surgery in the Department of Neurosurgery Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the foreign body down, really is a length of more than 1 centimeters of teeth. Why teeth can be inserted into the bones? Fu Chuanjing explained that the impact of the collision is very large, while the power is also quite clever. The tooth enamel is higher than the density of bones, teeth in front is relatively sharp. If the collision is just when the orifice to the bone, the teeth can be instantly head exposed, card into the bones.相关的主题文章: