Nantong is a rich girl shelter or other drug 57 jailed for 2 years 3 months-isobuster

Nantong is a rich girl shelter or other drug 57 times jailed for 3 months of birth in 1987 2 years of Qidong Zhang woman was good. Zhang did not work well after he graduated from high school, and he became addicted to drugs. Zhang not only his drug addiction, also worked in the hotel, Leisure Center room, shelter or other methamphetamine totaling 57 times. Yesterday morning, the Qidong court sentenced the case. Zhang looks very difficult for people to be drug linked to two words, Zhang not only their own drug use, in the period from 2015 to 2016, has three people in its shelter in the hotel chain, such as Leisure Center health room, methamphetamine totaling 57 times. The defendant Zhang was arrested because of drug abuse in April 5, 2016, after being arrested by public security organs have not yet explained the shelter or other drug crimes, administrative detention for 12 days, but on the night of April 17th, Zhang in the health club in their living rooms, shelter or other drug. Zhang was very remorseful about his behavior. The inspection authorities believe that Zhang violation of state management system for drugs, many other drugs provide places, shelter or other drug crimes should pursue their criminal responsibility. Qidong court sentenced Zhang to imprisonment in two years and three months and fined twenty thousand yuan rmb.

南通一富家女容留他人吸毒57次 获刑2年3个月1987年出生的启东女子张某家境不错。张某高中毕业后就没怎么工作,还染上了毒瘾。张某不但自己吸毒,还先后在酒店,休闲会所的客房内,容留他人吸食冰毒共计57次。昨天上午启东法院对此案进行了宣判。张某的样子让人很难将吸毒两个字联系起来,张某不但自己吸毒,在2015年至2016年期间,先后容留三人在其入住的连锁酒店、养生休闲会所等客房内,吸食甲基苯丙胺共计57次。被告人张某因吸毒于2016年4月5号被警方抓获,归案后交代了尚未被公安机关掌握的容留他人吸毒的犯罪事实,被行政拘留12天,但在4月17号晚上,张某又在其居住的养生会所客房里,容留他人吸毒。张某对自己的行为十分懊悔。检查机关认为,张某违反国家对毒品的管理制度,多次为他人吸毒提供场所,应当以容留他人吸毒罪追求其刑事责任。启东法院依法判处张某有期徒刑两年三个月,并处罚金两万元人民币。相关的主题文章: