National Day Suzhou business enterprises to embrace the gold 1 billion 76 million an

The national day of the Suzhou business enterprises won gold 1 billion 76 million year-on-year growth of 8.03%– Jiangsu windows — original title: business won gold 1 billion 76 million, an increase of 8.03% during the National Day holiday, people inside and outside tourism, leisure shopping, dining, fitness beauty, delicacy tea garden, learning new normal charging diversification of consumption, has replaced the old the previous single centralized shopping mode. Businesses also timely response in the new situation, the diversification of consumption online channels, adjust the structure, increase promotional efforts — National sales. Yesterday, the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce released statistics show that in 2016 eleven golden week, the city’s 23 key business enterprises to achieve retail sales of social consumer goods $1 billion 76 million, an increase of 8.03% over the same period last year. The National Day holiday shopping malls, Gexianshentong, Suzhou People Mall "ceremony offered by National Day" promotional activities from September 30th on the early start; Xiangcheng District is also in the trial operation of the Auchan supermarket during the National Day launched a number of promotional activities, such as home appliance brand full amount of gift cards and shopping full 500 Yuan send cakes to receive coupons "etc. high tech Zone; the new AEON stores and IKEA Home Furnishing bustling, the daily traffic is almost two times the usual holiday, five days before the total sales have exceeded ten million yuan. At the same time, many businesses use WeChat, micro-blog and other new platforms to carry out promotional activities to attract a large number of young consumers. This year’s autumn and winter sales of various businesses in this holiday start. On the first day of the holiday, the average retail sales of clothing than last year, an increase of about 10%, of which the first department store in Suzhou maiden Loaded new sales grew by 3.7%, some brand sales increased by more than 60%. Suzhou people’s shopping mall 1 -6 clothing sales of $14 million 360 thousand, accounting for 24% of the total sales of shopping malls. Holiday is also the peak of gold jewelry sales. 1 -6 days shopping in Suzhou gold jewelry sales totaled 9 million 20 thousand yuan, up 75% over the same period last year, 5 days before the Kunshan market gold jewelry sales reached 10 million 290 thousand yuan, gold jewelry stores have become one of the main commodities. As the real estate market heating up, as a home appliance sales are also popular. At the same time, the mass catering market booming, moderate price, Home Dishes parity buffet become many people preferred holiday meals. (He Jie) (commissioning editor Huang Zhuyan and Tang Lu)相关的主题文章: