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Negotiations broke down! Lawson will not be sent to the Rockets will not buy jazz – Sohu sports in Beijing on February 19th news, from the "YAHOO" sports famous reporter Adrian – Warner Veselovski reports, informed sources, the rockets and the pistons to complete a transaction, the specific content is donatas – Mo Tai Jonas and Marcus Thornton was sent go to Detroit, Houston Joel Anthony and a protected first round pick. Rockets general manager Darrel Morey once again sold on the deadline. After the deal, the Rockets saved 1 million 200 thousand dollars of luxury tax and made 1 players available. At present, the Rockets are 1 million 250 thousand dollars below the hard pay cap. According to the line reported by ESPN, this is the first round of the 8 round protection before 2016, 2017 and 18 years ago in the 10 round of the first round. Mo’s rookie contract expires at the end of this season, and he will try to test the free agent market. People in Lithuania have been suffering from back injuries since last March. So far this season, the 25 year old Mo Tai played a total of 14 games, including 1 Games starting, averaging 13.4 minutes, 5.6 points, 2.1 rebounds, 1 assists data. Talking about being sent away, Mo said, "it’s kind of surprising, but that’s part of the business. In the Rockets, I’ve been doing my best all these years, and it’s not directly related to injuries." The Rockets in the offseason, with a year salary contract signed 28 year old thornton. The remarkable performance in Houston Thornton this season, playing 47 games, with 6 starts, averaging 18.8 minutes per game with 10 points and 2.4 rebounds and 1.4 assists recorded. Prior to this, Thornton had complained that he was too little in the Rockets out of time. Another "YAHOO" sports reporter Mark Spears Thornton said, with the pistons general manager Geoff Bauer has worked in New Orleans, two people chummy. Bid farewell to Mo Tai and Thornton, the Rockets finally get the first round of Morey want to sign, plus Anthony. Anthony, 33, won the championship with Miami Heat. He didn’t get much chance to play in the pistons this season. He only played 13 games, averaging 0.7 points and 1.2 rebounds in 4 minutes. The Rockets’ current record is 27 wins and 28 losses, ranking ninth in the west. (Jim)

谈判破裂!劳森不会被送去爵士 火箭亦不会买断-搜狐体育  北京时间2月19日消息,来自《雅虎体育》著名记者阿德里安-沃纳洛夫斯基的报道称,消息灵通人士透露,火箭队与活塞队完成一笔交易,具体内容是–多纳塔斯-莫泰尤纳斯和马库斯-索顿被送去底特律,休斯顿得到乔尔-安东尼和一个受保护的首轮签。   火箭队总经理达雷尔-莫雷再度在交易截止日出手。这笔交易完成后,火箭队节省了120万美元的奢侈税,并腾出1个球员名额。目前,火箭队低于硬工资帽125万美元。   根据ESPN得到的线报,这是一个2016年前8顺位保护、2017和18年前10顺位的首轮选秀权。   莫泰的新秀合同在本赛季结束后到期,届时他将试水自由球员市场。自去年3月以来,立陶宛人一直受困背部伤势。本赛季至今,现年25岁的莫泰一共只打了14场球,其中1场首发,场均出场13.4分钟交出5.6分2.1篮板1.0助攻的数据。   谈及被送走,莫泰说道:“确实有点惊讶,但这就是生意的一部分。在火箭队这些年,我真的倾尽全力,这与伤病没有直接关系。”   火箭队在休赛期以一年底薪合同签下现年28岁的索顿。索顿这一季在休斯顿的表现可圈可点,在所打的47场比赛中,有6场首发,场均出场18.8分钟有10.0分2.4篮板1.4助攻入账。在此之前,索顿曾抱怨他在火箭队的出场时间太少。   另一名《雅虎体育》记者马克-斯皮尔斯透露,索顿与活塞队总经理杰夫-鲍尔曾在新奥尔良共事过,两人私交甚密。   送走莫泰和索顿后,火箭队终得到莫雷想要的首轮签,外加安东尼。现年33岁的安东尼曾跟随热火队赢得过总冠军,本赛季他在活塞队没有获得太多上场机会,只打了13场球,场均出场4.0分钟拿下0.7分1.2篮板。   火箭队目前的战绩是27胜28负,排在西部第9位。(jim)相关的主题文章: