Net sales of nearly 3000 old mobile phone mobile phone are not qualified puritans pride

Net sales of nearly 3000 old mobile phone mobile phone are not qualified according to CCTV News reported on November 13th, in recent years, large volume, large font and simple old mobile phone popular market, the price is very low, the online price of about 100 dollars. But the quality of these old mobile phones are rarely understood. Recently, the State Administration of quality supervision on the sale of the old man machine inspection shows that the sale of the old phone is really not so reassuring. Thousand old machine was seized qualified rate was zero before the reporter in an interview that the national quality inspection administration, in 2016 for the electricity supplier in the field of consumer law enforcement action, a Guangdong Shenzhen communications enterprise was seized more than Taiwan old mobile phone after the examination, the qualified rate is zero. Reporters learned that these old people’s mobile phones involved in the project, including the creepage distance clearance, leakage, electrical insulation and other safety indicators, as well as radiation harassment, electrostatic discharge and other electromagnetic compatibility index. As closely related to personal safety of electronic and electrical products, the quality of the elderly mobile phone will undoubtedly bring great security risks. Law enforcement officers found, in addition to inspection batches of old mobile phone security index and electromagnetic compatibility index unqualified phenomenon, part of the batch of mobile phone also has 3C compulsory certification mark, fraudulent use of fraudulent network license violations. Infringement of trademark counterfeit false certification of old mobile phone for a thorough investigation of the elderly mobile phone problems, state quality inspection administration and the Shenzhen municipal market inspection department conducted second law enforcement activities on Guangdong’s suspected of selling old mobile phone communication enterprises. In the city of Shenzhen Jingli communications equipment Co. Ltd., attracted the attention of law enforcement personnel and a number of Changhong phone products logo is very similar to the old mobile phone. Law enforcement officers initially identified, an old mobile phone and Sichuan Changhong electric Limited by Share Ltd registered ninth types of goods, or telephone and telephone equipment the overall impression of the same trademark, confusing to the general public, has alleged trademark infringement. Shenzhen city market inspection department law enforcement officer Fang Canyu: the mobile phone brand called long letter rainbow, with Changhong the registered trademark lies in the middle of X, this is a trademark infringement, the trademark with the trademark of Changhong constitutes approximately. Law enforcement officers immediately seized nearly 90 suspected of old mobile phone trademark infringement. Also found in the process of law enforcement, the company produced more than 1 thousand and 300 "Daxian" brand of old mobile phone, although has obtained the trademark rights of people authorized to production, but some batches of mobile phone no 3C compulsory certification mark, and some batches although with the 3C logo, but the law enforcement inquiries, in fact this batch of mobile phone has not received 3C certification but, have already started selling. Law enforcement officials said, according to the "People’s Republic of China" and "certification and accreditation regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on product quality management regulations", this has been a violation of the fraudulent use of certification marks. In the sale of mobile phones, but also found a similar violation. Through examination and inquiry, law enforcement officers found some batches of old mobile phone has been suspected of infringement, fraudulent use of compulsory certification and unauthorized sales without.相关的主题文章: