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Network mutual aid program is not insurance products Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In recent years, the "e mutual aid" "quark alliance" "water drop mutual aid" and other network mutual aid platform development is swift and violent, receives the attention from all walks of life. Among them, as of the end of 7 this year, e mutual platform registered members have more than 910 thousand people. Even the number of members of the network platform to break through millions of members. Network interactive platform launched products called mutual aid program". The individual is generally added to lower costs, become a "mutual aid plan" member, if the member in case of "mutual aid plan" contains the situation when other members share the cost of membership number, the lower the amount allocated. Daily economic news reporter noted that these network platform launched mutual aid products include leukemia, diabetes and other serious illness mutual aid, as well as filial piety for the elderly, the protection of children and other mutual aid projects. Relevant industry sources said that this internet mutual aid program has not yet found a clear profit model, and no report was established, free of regulatory, there are many uncertain factors in the future. With the mutual aid plan is similar to mutual insurance. Mutual insurance refers to the unit or individual homogeneous risk protection needs, through the conclusion of the contract to become a member, and pay the premium form of mutual fund, the fund shall bear the liability for compensation for contract accident caused by the loss, or when the insured person dies, disability or disease to age, duration of the contract conditions when to assume responsibility for payment of insurance insurance activities. But there is a fundamental difference between mutual aid and mutual insurance. He Lin, associate professor of School of finance of Renmin University of China believes that the mutual platform has not achieved the mutual insurance license, they launched the "low threshold, high security" and "mutual aid plan", strictly speaking, can not be called insurance. Chinese CIRC has repeatedly stressed that the existing "Assistance Plan" business entities are not included in the insurance regulatory category, the main part of the business business model is not sustainable, the relevant commitments and financial security is difficult to ensure the confidentiality of personal information, and the mechanism is not perfect, easy to cause the member disputes, contains certain potential risks. Moreover, part of the mutual aid program, the main business by insurance, especially in the name of mutual insurance publicity, sales, there are many potential risks. Professor Wang Guojun of University of International Business and Economics College of insurance believes that the existing "Assistance Plan" business entities are not included in the insurance regulatory category, which means "mutual participation plan" of the staff, to pay the funds there are uncertain factors in the management and risk control. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: