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Outdoors The capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka is a beautiful place to visit for your holidays. And if you are looking for some form of night entertainment you will be happy to learn that there is nightlife in Dhaka. Nightlife here in Dhaka is not as open as Bangkok, Singapore or some other popular asian destinations, but not rare. If you are looking for cheap rated bar then Sakura (opposite ot Dhaka Sheraton at Minto Road), Ruchita(beside Hotel Abakash, Mohakhali) and Hotel Zakaria (opposite of BRAC University, Mohakhali) are the perfect places for that. Night club, DJ and Spa facilities are also available at Hotel Purbani, Radisson, Regency, Fantasy Kingdom (ashulia) and some other places in every thursday and some other special days. Nightlife does exist in the capital city but depending upon your definition of nightlife you’ll have to be the judge if this is your kind of nightlife or not. There are social clubs open to the public but they are mainly used for large gatherings such as weddings or birthday parties. You can try: The Dhaka Club Ltd. has emerged as an icon of elegance in its aristocracy, tradition and excellence. This club has taken a unique place in the history of the clubs of this sub-continent. *La Diplomat at Road 20, House number 7, near Gulshan 1. Don’t expect to be rubbing shoulders with any French ambassadors, however. *The Dip, like most other Bengali bars, is a smoke-filled darkened room where many of its patrons would rather not be recognized too easily. Definitely an experience, no.heless. Beers cost upwards of Tk 150 and "tots," which are single ounce servings of gin, vodka or whiskey, are available from Tk 70(local brands)-Tk 200. PREGO BAR: The Westin Dhaka, Main Gulshan Avenue Plot-01, Road 45, Gulshan-2 Blaze Lounge: Radisson Water Garden Hotel Airport Road, Dhaka Cantonment International Recreation Club ( IC ): House 5, Road 74, Gulshan, Dhaka 1212 Dhaka have generally been mutually exclusive. Concerts still remain the number one attraction since a some-what healthy music scene still exists. There are a couple of clubs and some other places that will have "DJ parties" (thats the term used here). However Im not much into clubs and discos so would’nt be able to give out anymore info then this. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: