Ningbo, the first half of this week, cloudy weather dominated the lowest temperature fell to 12 degr alienware m17x

Ningbo in the first half of the week is mainly cloudy weather the minimum temperature dropped to 12 degrees last week, because of the cold air force before the arrival of the front warming effect, Ningbo city was the highest temperature above 30 degrees Celsius, so many people call the hot hot. However, from the beginning of last Friday, the temperature gradually dropped down, a rain over the weekend is a bleak autumn means. In outdoor activities, a thin cotton dress is obviously difficult to keep out the cold. However, the reporter learned that, from the beginning of this afternoon, there is a new wave of cold air will affect Yongcheng, the next day will be rainy. Therefore, these two days we will be late autumn clothing is sorted out for the next warm ready. Next week there is cold air to the minimum temperature of 12 degrees C really cool! Although the city meteorological department warned last week has been warm, but when the cold air coming in, or between so many people be taken by surprise — what night, Yongcheng like in winter? This is not an exaggeration. The reporter understands, this past Saturday, Yongcheng the highest temperature is 16.5 degrees centigrade, the minimum temperature of 14.5 degrees, the average temperature in the day before the whole decreased by 5 DEG c! And yesterday, although the highest temperature rose slightly, but the average temperature is only 16 degrees up and down. No wonder there is a cold cold weekend has friends complain, get out of bed, there are people in considering to open up warm home. But, like the weather like this weekend, for most of us, is indeed a howling autumn cold, to wear more clothes to keep warm. And then there’s cold air coming! So, what’s the weather like this week? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the municipal meteorological department, the weekend of cold air is just the beginning, the second wave and the third wave of cold air has begun to go down. Tomorrow, by the cold air supplement effect, Ningbo will have a weak cooling and weak precipitation at the same time, the sea will have 7 to 9 class gale. This week on the day is cloudy weather. Prior to November 2nd, the minimum temperature in the urban area was between 12 and 14 DEG C, and the maximum temperature was between 16 and 19. November 3rd to the end of this week, the highest temperature has a slight increase, up to 22 degrees, the lowest temperature change little. However, although the weather is a bit cold, but in general, the next day is really a taste of autumn. Mountain climbing, foliage in autumn, these activities, you can plan up. The hippocampus is not ending this year is not the end of the typhoon in the past few days, the north wind blowing almost all over the country, north of the Yangtze River in the chill, south of the Yangtze River began to cool. A few days ago, the folk organization "with millions of fans Chinese weather enthusiasts" issued a news: No. twenty-second typhoon "hippocampus" may not be the end of this year, the typhoon is not the end! What is the situation? He said that although the cold air is typhoon enemies, but the next few days, after several cold air southward, to weaken the ridge narrowing and exit the tropical ocean, a typhoon.相关的主题文章: