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"No future? By sleeping girl crazy leveling, sleep to the Nobel prize! Now the 00 science and technology – Sohu are almost all guards there! Lulu yesterday as usual busy up early in the morning to go to work, the road two is just going to school 00 after walking in front of me. At this time, at this point, I can not help but think of their own school days. "Sunshine", "classroom", "playground" and the handsome guy who likes to wear white shirts. But when I was immersed in the beautiful memories, the conversation between them and suddenly came to me: "school is really boring, if not for the younger sister, I do not! "After listening to these words, suddenly filled with the sense of justice to bursting," education "in two children. Thought that the boys in the class at school: "well…" at that age straight first awakening interest in the opposite sex, imperceptibly surprised to find that the hormones already unable to suppress. When the sperm on the brain after brain to their first instruction is — the pursuit of the girl. In the traditional sense, the external evaluation of this behavior is also very uniform: "girls no future, will my life". After so many years of countless lessons learned, we will find: "not to mention, it is really the case! However, occasionally there will be exceptions, for example, we want to talk about today’s Hero: "Herbert A.Simon ·" – Herbert Simon; as you can see, this looks a bit serious, and even can be said somewhat like a winner in life: "the two generation grew up is a rich hundred-percent play! Simon’s father was a famous electrical engineer, and his mother was a pianist who was born in a family of piano makers. I don’t have to worry about food and clothing he goof, do not do something. The most hateful is that he is kind of student all the types of death: never listen, never review. But the exam results are often the best! With such a character set, he would not be able to lift the energy of life. But this time he just want to release the "essence" everywhere in the old age, and he and all the straight like fans: "bubble girl" don’t look everywhere he is a rich two generations, with a height of eight meters above and high color value. But he was chasing a girl on this very spineless! Determined not to rely on the value of the yen and sprinkle money, and rely on talent to eat. In the process of chasing girls, like Daguai upgrade: pick up a girl, he made a skill to hippologist! Such as the pursuit of her first love, just as in the "new village" task, he spent most of the primary talent: "the piano" said before, Simon’s mother was a born in the family piano virtuoso piano can be ear or head from the urine stained for Simon. So he went home to his mother’s Piano相关的主题文章: