North Port confident battles to fight to win or die – Sohu Luneng home court in sports-remonstrate

North Port confident battles in the home court Luneng – Sohu sports Beijing ushered in the fight to win or die tomorrow, the 2016 season AFC Champions League League will play 4 games in 14 finals second leg, Shanghai port and Shandong Luneng will once again represent two super in South Korea against". On Hong Kong’s first round home court in the ratio of 0 to 0 draw with Jeonbuk Hyundai, Luneng and the first leg away to 1 than 3 lost to Seoul FC. Hong Kong is the biggest positive Hulk comeback on Hong Kong today as long as in the whole north of modern home court winning or get a score draw can qualify. Of course, they are also facing many difficulties. The best shooter game on the Hong Kong Shanghai elk will be due to accumulated yellow card suspension. After two rounds of qualifying for the world cup 12 strong Asian game, Hong Kong Wu Lei, Cai Huikang and Yu Hai 3 players in general state. The only good news is the injury of Hulk in the last round of Super League for the first time on behalf of Hong Kong to play the whole game and scored two goals, including a shooting world wave broke impressive. At the north, Hulk, Wu Lei and Evra formed the "Trident" will assume the task of scoring. Jeonbuk Hyundai is currently in the K League unbeaten in the league, but the league is at 2 to 0 lead case was 2 2. South Korean media remind Jeonbuk, learn the Korean team 12 season opener Chinese team advanced 3 ball ball even after 2 lessons. North coach Cui Kangxi said, they have found the Hulk restraint strategy. Hong Kong this season AFC Champions League away poor grades, 4 games lost 3 games, but before Erickson said confidently, Hong Kong has the ability to resolve the fighting in 90 minutes. Don’t give up the Fanpan hope Luneng Luneng home court the first leg away to 1 than 3 lost to Seoul FC, home court comeback is very difficult. In the super intermission, Luneng has 8 people to go to levels Guozihao team competition or training, not much time to work with the whole team. The last round of Super League, Luneng home court was the bottom of the table Changchun Yatai draw. 14 AFC Champions League began the second leg of the final, Luneng AFC announced the King Road for clearance was suspended because of. In addition, AFC Champions League Luneng in the knockout stage has yet to win. Despite the difficulties, but Luneng coach Felix Magath said they never give up, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, we should strive to create a miracle. Seoul FC is currently ranked second in the League K, but their top scorer Adriano recently had an injury. In the K League Round, Seoul away upset loss to the bottom of the Inchon united. Of course, Seoul FC the last 18 games AFC Champions League game only one negative match 2 ball, still occupies obvious advantage promotion. In addition, the AFC’s official website announced yesterday: AFC Champions League 14 final first leg Al GA F 0 to 3 lost the following game, due to the following 1 players played the game was canceled illegal.相关的主题文章: