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Not good supporting feet, Tangyou Zheshou, Health Channel – original title: not good supporting feet, Tangyou Zheshou (famous expert Xu Zhangrong, then blood sugar) chief physician, Professor, tutor of Berson, director of No.306 Hospital of Chinese PLA Center for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, the national health and Family Planning Commission of chronic disease prevention and Control Committee of experts for the majority of people, on the foot with a small cut is not a big problem, but for people with diabetes foot ailments without attention, there will be fatal. The day before, a study in Serbia showed that the annual meeting of the European diabetes, diabetic foot disease severity has become a key index to predict the mortality rate, so the sugar friends must pay attention to foot care. In this regard, the life times interview with Professor Xu Zhangrong, director of the PLA No.306 Hospital, diabetes center. A total of 244 patients with diabetic foot disease were followed up for a period of up to 5 years, with a total of 53 deaths (group A), and a further survival of 191 patients (group B). The results showed that compared with B group, A group of foot disease patients with age, duration of diabetes, the prevalence rate of hypertension and other indicators are much higher than the B group, and neuropathy related tests such as ankle reflex, vibration perception were obviously abnormal, the severity of foot lesions is higher. "This shows that the severity of diabetic foot disease is positively correlated with the mortality of patients, and the more serious the wound, the lower the survival rate." Xu Zhangrong said that the diabetic foot is one of the most serious chronic complications of diabetes mellitus later, was due to long-term high blood sugar caused by blood vessels and nerve pathological changes in trauma, stress and infection induced, leading to foot ulcers, gangrene. If not treated in time, the development of serious illness will lead to amputation, and even life-threatening. In fact, the clinical guidelines issued in 2011 the International Working Group on the diabetic foot in the treatment of diabetic foot disease that can lead to increased delay amputation rate in patients with diabetes and mortality for, called for early prevention and treatment. Unfortunately, our situation is not optimistic. Relevant data show that 13 of China’s top three hospitals in patients with non traumatic amputation caused by diabetes, about 85% of amputation is caused by foot ulcers. In this regard, Xu Zhangrong said sugar friends concerned about the foot and blood glucose monitoring, blood lipids and blood pressure levels as important. So, sugar friends how to do foot care? Xu Zhangrong gives the following suggestions: warm water feet every day. Warm water washing can improve the sugar friends of the foot of the blood through the bad, but must pay attention to water temperature, can be used to test the temperature before hand to hand wash, do not feel hot. Wash your feet in a timely manner, and evenly apply protective oil. Pay attention to the foot hygiene. If it is found that the foot corns, thick cocoon, onychomycosis and so on, should be timely medical treatment, do not arbitrarily cut. Don’t cut it too short toenails. The best way to trim nails Tangyou square, not too short and don’t have sharp edges, or prone to paronychia, infection, should be avoided. The shoes and socks to the right. Sugar friends footwear to ensure "loose, flexible, breathable, the shoes will not squeeze into the toes, feet can reduce friction, prevent skin damage. In addition, the shoes before the best look at the shoe is there)相关的主题文章: