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UnCategorized Obsessive .pulsive disorder or OCD is an anxiety condition where a person is bombarded with seemingly uncontrollable thoughts, urges or .pulsions. The worst part of this disorder is the feeling that if you don’t act out the .pulsion something horrible will happen. Because OCD is a condition affecting the mind, hypnosis can be useful for its treatment. Anxiety, in general, is an un.fortable feeling. Living with OCD is taking anxiety to the extreme. In many people afflicted with obsessive .pulsive disorder, the rules change everyday. Of course some obsessions can be healthy. Falling in love is form of obsession. Working like crazy to achieve a goal is an obsession. While some obsessions can be healthy, the line between healthy and the obsession running your life is thin. Some people who suffer from obsession do extremely well professionally while their personal life falls apart, and vice versa. Hypnosis is used to get to the root cause of the acute sense of responsibility. This sense that an OCD sufferer has that their actions or lack of rituals threatens themselves or their loved ones in a mortal way. In other words, the fear is so intense, even though irrational, the person has to take action. If they did not take action on the .pulsion it would feel like condemning themselves or a loved one to death.The irrational nature of the thoughts can be disconcerting in itself. This extreme fear be.es anchored in the unconscious mind. This means it be.es something of a habit. Every time a person gives into the obsession and feels better afterward a dysfunctional reward system is set up. All people try to avoid pain and seek out pleasure. For someone who has OCD the emotional pain of not doing the obsession is so grossly exaggerated in the mind, they will avoid that pain at almost any cost. Often times, a person knows the thoughts they are experiencing are .pletely irrational. With hypnosis a person can access the unconscious mind allowing them to rewrite their own habits and thoughts. By un-linking the feeling of doom that is associated with OCD a person can gain significant relief. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: