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OPEC is not sure the oil price steel forum is also difficult to cure iron and steel surplus Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! OPEC can’t make oil steel forum also fear refractory steel surplus Securities Times reporter Yu Shengliang OPEC (OPEC) is a very successful international industrial organization, is the most successful, it has a long history and mature coordination mechanism. But each country is still in its own production plan, oil prices can not be avoided underground slide. China and the United States intends to set up a global forum for steel industry, to resolve the global excess capacity, coordination of multilateral trade. Of course, this coordination mechanism should have, but the results can not be too much expectations. Oil is much more interesting than steel, the industry was born OPEC. In 1960, the OPEC was set up by the oil producing countries to decide to work together to deal with Western oil companies. In 1973, due to the Israeli Palestinian war triggered OPEC oil embargo against western countries, leading to soaring oil prices, showing a strong force of joint decision-making. The embargo also let Japan benefit, because the introduction of fuel-efficient cars, quickly occupied the American market. This is a case of relish. However, OPEC after little ability to organize the production million people united as one man. The OPEC core countries of Saudi Arabia led the organization of production, but other members of the Saudi market share but secretly increase, other countries occupied. So, in recent years, the wave of oil prices fell early, Saudi Arabia not only limited production, but also a large capacity to fight a war of attrition, make high cost producers out of the market. Now several years later, did not reach a limit. China’s steel production capacity accounted for more than half of the world’s oil production capacity is scattered, the steel industry production capacity in China, accounting for more than half. Iron and steel industry global forum, if established, the primary goal is to limit China’s steel exports. Because of the rapid growth of China’s iron and steel exports, many countries launched anti-dumping trade protection, European countries and even demonstrations of workers, the European steel industry claimed to have lost tens of thousands of jobs. The United States imports from China steel production is not much, but also very tight on China’s steel imports. Other African countries, such as Asia, South America, Oceania, and even iron and steel, have launched anti-dumping against china. Many countries do not understand that this wave of overcapacity in steel is global. Due to the reduction in steel demand, of course, will cut jobs, will lead to a decline in iron ore prices. Affected not only by the industrial workers in these countries, but also by the industrial workers in china. Even without China’s steel exports, these countries will be affected. Of course, China can achieve steel exports, because China’s steel industry is large, cheap, competitive advantage. According to the theory of free trade, the Chinese steel industry should give up the market. China’s textile industry exports have encountered resistance, but also suffered quotas, but the advantages of Ming相关的主题文章: