Oppo Bdp-80 Blu-ray Player Review-jinshen

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The BDP-80 released by Oppo this year is an universal profile 2.0 Blu-ray Player. What this means is it can support BD-Live and Bonus View, DVD-Video, Super Audio CD (SACD), HDCD, CD and other media formats like AVCHD, MKV video files, digital photos and music. Of course, it can play Blu-ray and DVD disc as well. Some of its features include fast disc loading times on almost all Blu-ray Discs, very quick operational speed, and great audio and video controls. Also included is the same decoder and similar firmware found in the Oppo’s BDP-83 Blu-ray Player. Video Quality: The BDP-83 has a HDMI 1.3 port which supports Full 1080p High Definition. Features include Deep Color and Source Direct modes. .ponent video, S-Video and .posite video outputs. It has tremendous HD image playback with Blu-ray Disc and can upscale DVDs to High Definition up to 1080p to give you the best DVD picture quality. The BDP-80 has a "Source Direct" Output mode. Which means it provides access as a digital transport. You can let it feed into external processors, a high-end audio/video receiver or even a display device with built in video processing. Subtitle shift and vertical stretch zoom are unique details that make the BDP-80 a wonderful source .ponent for home theater systems with 2.35:1 Constant Image Height displays. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: