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O’Sullivan reversed: Liang Wenbo state of decline I found a turning point – Sports Sohu Beijing time on September 20th, the 2016 Shanghai Masters Snooker Tournament continues, in the first round, leading 4-1 Liang Wenbo lost 4, eventually lost 4-5 O’Sullivan stop the first round. After the game Liang Wenbo said: "today, we are not too good, at the beginning of my defense is better, so get some chances, today is not considered a win, attention all in the game. Back in the UK will continue to train, and O’Sullivan will be good communication. There are a lot of games and we have to work hard." O’Sullivan said, 1 to 4 behind when Liang Wenbo created a great difficulty: "I try to keep their own state, achieve steady play, see what happens behind the results after the really let me wait for a turning point in the game." A reporter asked O’Sullivan, what is the specific turning point of the game? O’Sullivan said: I’m not sure where it is, may be the opponent’s state has declined, so I played their own rhythm. If Liang Wenbo keeps his game at the start of the game, I think he will be the winner." (Sohu sports Pei Li) (source: Sohu sports)相关的主题文章: