The two sector quasi driving training mileage of not less than 300 km

The two sector: the quasi driving type training mileage of not less than 300 kilometers according to the Ministry of transportation website news, recently, informed the Ministry of transport, Ministry of Public Security issued on the motor vehicle driver training and teaching and examination syllabus: "teaching and examination of motor vehicle driver training program" (hereinafter referred to as the "Outline") implemented since October 1, 2016. "Outline" pointed out that the provinces should be based on the actual quasi driving training mileage (with reference, pictures, inquiry) to make the relevant requirements, but the minimum of not less than 300 km. According to reports, the outline is divided into "road traffic safety laws, regulations and related knowledge", "basic and field driving", "road driving" and "safe and civilized driving knowledge" four parts. After the end of each part of the training, the trainees should be assessed. "The foundation and ground driving" and "driving" the two part examination and appraisal by the proposed increase refresher training content and school recommendations. To encourage motor vehicle driver training institutions (hereinafter referred to as driving training institutions) employed two and above coaches as assessment. The "Outline", "road traffic safety laws and regulations and related knowledge" and "safe and civilized driving knowledge teaching can use multimedia teaching, network teaching, traffic safety experience in a variety of ways, promote classroom teaching and network teaching combination. Classroom teaching shall not be less than 6 hours, of which, road traffic safety laws, regulations and related knowledge shall not be less than 4 hours, safe and civilized driving knowledge shall not be less than 2 hours. The "Outline", "standard operating device based and field driving" in the "operation" and "started before the vehicle inspection and adjustment of teaching content, teaching equipment should be used in driving simulation;" the road "in the harsh conditions of driving", "mountain road" and "highway driving" etc. The driving simulation teaching equipment. Simulation teaching hours for 4 hours. At the same time, the teaching of "safe and civilized driving knowledge" should be integrated with the teaching of "road driving". In addition, the outline stressed that the provinces should be based on the actual quasi driving training mileage to make the relevant requirements, but the minimum of not less than 300 km. The driver training institutions should make teaching plans according to the outline and advocate the differential teaching according to the characteristics of the students. Wheeled self propelled vehicle (M), trolley bus (N), tram (P) three quasi driving type training syllabus, according to the needs of the provinces and the characteristics of their own development, and reported to the Ministry of transport for the record. Vocational education of large passenger car drivers, refer to the outline, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the personnel training program.相关的主题文章:

Operators campus marketing this year does not enter the platform

Operators campus marketing this year does not enter the platform JINGWAH times (reporter Gu Xiaoyu) yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Communications Authority documents show that this year, the three operators will not be taken into the campus platform marketing. Said the Beijing communications administration, to promote the Beijing campus telecommunications market norms, orderly and harmonious, this year, according to the Ministry of the relevant documents and the spirit of the meeting, continuous take many measures to urge all basic telecom enterprises law-abiding business, fair competition, cooperation and win-win. Require three operating companies to establish a linkage mechanism, prohibiting the signing of an exclusive agreement with the school to resist unreasonable costs. It is understood, Beijing mobile, Beijing Unicom and Beijing Telecom three basic operators for "telecom operators campus marketing undertaking self", to resist unreasonable costs, strict implementation of the ban physical gifts and other provisions. Each enterprise commitment, since August 22, 2016, in all schools do not take the way to enter the stage and other forms of marketing activities, the strict implementation of the commitments of self regulatory commitments, mutual supervision. Promotion: how cool is it to play games with VR? How cool is it with VR? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章:

Psychology of marriage 5 acts to flirt with men crazy for you (Figure)

Psychology of marriage: 5 acts to flirt with men crazy for you (Figure 5) the Eiffel behavior to flirt with men crazy for you every single girl, who is hoping is a very attractive girl, but how to let oneself become glamorous, eyes bright girl, actually this is not only refers to you sexy appearance. A little girl’s behavior many times, can make a man of you crazy and put it down, and now the teacher with the view of Eiffel what behavior traits, remember to remind friends, mutual support for each other! First, maintain the confidence to become the first condition of charming girls, you must always have faith in yourself, a lot of girls of their appearance is not too confident, always mind body is not good, the appearance is not enough sweet and so on, the more you are limited by these external things, you will not emit dazzling brilliance, confident girl the most beautiful. It is precisely because of this beautiful self-confidence, will let the girls more sparkling, so that men are more obsessed with love. Therefore, as a modern woman, want to attract him, it is necessary to keep confident. Two, have their own life a girl to love yourself, love work, love life, have their own friends or social circle, independent of their personality, a person can also be very good, so the independent character, not once fell in love with a man for his own life, just kind of mentality will make men feel emotionally without pressure! Three, regular exercise, maintain physical fitness we know that exercise can keep fixed, curve and the cheerful girl gentle open-minded mood. So let yourself develop a fixed exercise habits, so that they can be physically and mentally healthy, will make you more attractive to women! Four, be brave, be gentle and another girl’s most attractive characteristics, be brave, can also gentle, modest girl coquetry will seem lovely. As long as its own unique charming lover in front of the performance of a man is very easy to be your lovely charming condition down, so as to obtain a man want to protect girls’ mental satisfaction. Five, to maintain economic independence, now many single girls every day hard work, is to let oneself can maximize the value, or get a great sense of achievement, but in addition, let yourself have a stable job, and good income, so that they can have economic independence, not a man raise, this trait is also very easy to attract a man’s attention!相关的主题文章:

The twins story said the kidnapped only to scare parents shuttle school ca1835

The twins story said the kidnapped only to scare parents transfer under the original title: want to let parents meeting twins together "almost tied" story of the day before yesterday at 8 pm, Cixi: a primary school in the fifth grade a class parents, suddenly received a message: "the school has two school children that was almost the van away, but fortunately the children shouted for help, by passing the teacher saved! Recently, please parents must send their children in person, to ensure the safety of children!" Almost the moment the news spread rapidly, the school teacher and the local police phone was ringing off the hook. Parents are always on tenterhooks for one night, and finally in the early morning of the second day received second messages sent to school: "the public security departments for investigation, 2 children were taken away a thing does not exist. The truth is that the child wants to arouse the attention of parents, to be able to pick up and go to school, the rise of a story." This is what is going on? On the road encountered bad twins almost kidnapped according to relevant information revealed by the school after school, Qianjiang Evening News reporter to an East police station confirmed. The results of a mention of the incident, the police station had a stomach to say: the report is true, the rumor is true. This is a long story. The day before 7 pm or so, the parents took the two children to the police station, said the child on the way home was almost taken away. This is a pair of twins sister, studying in the same class. The parents of two children also look the ornamental and the combined plain properties, good things, the process is all they said, say at 4:40 in the afternoon, all the students at the school gate waiting for parents to pick up their two siblings after school, walk to the mother unit from the school about 10 minutes of the road. Two people cut down a trail, see a silver van parked on the roadside. The car suddenly came down a few men, they smiled: "children, go home, ah, you go!" Brother sister, two people quickly hide, men come up to pull them, brother ran, sister moves slowly, was caught, shouting help. Fortunately, not far from the front of an adult, looking back at a glance, so a man a loose hand, sister took the opportunity to break free, followed by his brother went to the mother’s unit. At that time, it was about 4:50 p.m.. When the police asked the children, there is no way to see the van, said the child, is a silver van, they ran the car drove away, very quickly, turning when pressure to the roadside sand. The whole story is complete, rich in detail, the parents heard thrilling, his face has changed. The security alert issued to parents the news maxed Cixi circle of friends after receiving the report, the Hangzhou Bay branch leadership attaches great importance to the instruction of the Andong police immediately launched an investigation, quickly find out the facts. So, to the children after the completion of the record, the police two pronged approach, a group of monitoring near the road monitoring, a group of field visits. It turned out that the problem was not right. The children said, the van to escape, turn pressure into the road of the sand. Field pavement相关的主题文章:

Cool autumn day! Chengdu sudden cooling beauty not coated in the wind shake (Figure) – Beijing ravbin

Cool autumn day! Chengdu sudden cooling beauty not coated in the wind shake (Figure) – Beijing yesterday Chengdu maximum temperature was only 21.9 degrees, compared to 27, down 8.8 degrees. Red Star Road three, the three women in the wind side by side. 29, three red road, chilly wind blew the woman wrapped in a shawl. The cold air at the end of August is really a cheerful, for high temperature bake test in Chengdu into a spring, make people feel cool. From August 26th to yesterday, Chengdu daily temperatures decreased, the highest temperature of yesterday is down to 21.9 degrees Celsius, the temperature dropped so many people have the feeling of "autumn night". However, weather experts said, the Sichuan basin is still in the hot summer weather, from the meaning of "autumn", but also for some time. Meteorological experts said, according to the experience of previous years, the cold air will not completely let the cooler weather, "autumn" will fight, but power and some time ago than the small lot, only to the end of September and early October, will bid farewell to the summer into the autumn. The highest temperature dropped 14.8 degrees Chengdu cool for several days to know? Yesterday, Chengdu maximum temperature was only 21.9 degrees, compared to 27, down 8.8 degrees, the house cool. In the street, many people have put on a long sleeved jacket. Remember last week, life is the air conditioning to the day?" In August 21st, the highest temperature of 36.7 degrees in Chengdu, the highest in nearly the past 30 years. Compared with that of high temperature, the highest temperature is 14.8 DEG C, we believe that yesterday is keenly aware of the. Of course, micro-blog, and WeChat in the citizens’ subjective feelings is slightly different, not a roller coaster like temperature decreased rapidly, according to the meteorological data of Sichuan Province, the highest temperature is 30.7 DEG C for 27 days, 28 days of Chengdu maximum temperature of 28.4 degrees. Day by day, the temperature of the sun, hot air and sticky skin away from us. In most parts of the Sichuan basin, yesterday also immersed in a cool. Pm yesterday, Mianyang, Deyang, the highest temperature at 20 degrees Celsius, while Luzhou, Guang’an, Neijiang and Sichuan this summer stove, no longer let people feel hot. In mid August, the subtropical high controlled the Sichuan basin and resisted the northern cold air southward. The cooling, double effect due to the cold air in the north and "Lion" typhoon, save in Sichuan basin "from the mire". The rain drop Chengdu two days later the temperature rise of cold air will be in the delivery of welfare today. Expected during the day of Chengdu rain days between cloudy cloudy weather, local heavy rain. Expected afternoon sky overcast, shy and autumn rain let you travel feel discomfort at the same time, also let the weather keep cool state. But at night, rain started to increase, but also South Chengdu moderate precipitation. However, according to the Chengdu meteorological observatory is expected, the evening of 30 to the first day of September 1st cloudy cloudy, light rain at night, the temperature of 20 to 28 DEG C; the evening of 31 to cloudy during the day between overcast and rainy in the evening local相关的主题文章: