Security Taiwan posing as rich handsome Pianhun million fraud has three theft (video)

Security "Taiwan posing as rich handsome Pianhun million fraud has three theft of a Shanghai office worker Chen Lizhen thought he married Taiwan rich handsome, did not think her husband Wei Muhao in prison three times, the house is rented affordable housing. The most let Chen Lizhen collapse is that before her husband to help relatives and friends in the house to buy the original stock, it is also a scam, and now these about 1000000 debt pressure on her shoulders. The day before, Shanghai Pudong New Area City People’s Procuratorate has according to the defendant Wei Muhao suspected of fraud, the case will be prosecuted to the court, Wei Muhao will face up to 15 years imprisonment. Hunan married woman "Taiwan handsome" Pudong New Area people’s Procuratorate, working in a company in Shanghai, the Hunan woman Chen Lizhen met Wei Muhao in 2012, when Wei claimed to be the Taiwan Hsinchu County, an architect, the company appointed him to Shanghai to take charge of the company and the East China Design Institute of the Disney project, and produced in East China the design institute work permit. In 2013, Wei Muhao told Chen Lizhen that his contract ended and Taiwan company, the Shanghai Power Co hired him to 160 thousand yuan annual salary, office director, power company Qiedian department deputy director, also promised two years after the allocation of housing. Wei Muhao’s parents, relatives and even so, it makes Chen Lizhen believe, November 2013, Chen Lizhen and Wei Muhao will receive a marriage certificate, marriage and life are two people. In the name of investment has defrauded more than 160 in October 2014, the couple went back to his hometown in Yueyang Chen Lizhen had National Day, her Taiwan identity let Chen Lizhen home in the circle of acquaintances out of the limelight once. When the whole family in the Chen Lizhen family dinner, Wei Muhao talked about a way to get rich. Wei Muhao said, the Shanghai Power Co to buy stock internal benefits, then power company shares on the market price is 4 yuan, the stock price is 2.1 yuan, while the stock rose to 10 yuan a year later, as he’s middle, 500 thousand shares of the shares can be bought. Wei Muhao said, relatives and friends are very kind to him, want to let their relatives with money. The good news soon spread in Chen Lizhen’s relatives and friends, we have decided to continue to buy, Wei Muhao bank card money. Back and forth, a total of more than and 10 people to buy the Wei Muhao investment "yuanshigu", totaling more than 130 yuan. Wei Muhao received the money after paizhexiongfu guarantee will be good for internal original stock purchases, and will make money. We are all looking forward to a year after the stock profit. Later, Wei Muhao told his wife Chen Lizhen and their relationship in Hangzhou can buy cheap housing, but need to pay in full, on behalf of the 1629 deposit and let his wife to raise money, Chen Lizhen can only help from their parents, the whole family to borrowed a total of 240 thousand yuan, help Wei Muhao "buy", and Wei Muhao is presented the "house notice", "purchase contract" and "property card". By the end of 2015, Wei Muhao took a wife to Chongming wetland park construction project, he said that this project is responsible for their own, now at the end of the missing material, hurry to pay suppliers, again to the parents to borrow, Yu Shiyue parents again borrowed from a friend)相关的主题文章:

Tiggo 7 will be listed in September 20th pre-sale 10.99-16.39 million car –

Tiggo 7 will be listed in September 20th pre-sale 10.99-16.39 million car car   Sohu – Sohu [car]; recently, we learned from the official Chery, Chery’s new compact SUV — Tiggo 7 will be officially listed in September 20th. The new car will launch two kinds of power, a total of 6 models, the pre-sale interval of 10.99-16.39 million. Chery is one of the enterprises to enter the SUV market earlier, when the first city SUV Tiggo launched in 2004, the independent brand in other basic mini car, pickup truck as kingpin models. However, Chery does not seem to be the first mover advantage into market position, now a number of independent brands are several SUV cascade arrangement, is still only 3 and Tiggo Tiggo 5 two SUV Chery seems a bit thin. Fortunately, with the launch of Chery Tiggo 7, not only enrich the current lineup, but also opened the future design direction. Appearance: new design language Tiggo 7 appearance is basically a continuation of the Chery TX concept car, water ripple grille and side of the car in front of the wave type double waist line, embodies the design concept of H.D.S spiritual dynamic body. The tiger 7 side of the line is very simple, dual five spoke wheel style to create a good sense of movement. In addition, Tiggo 7 provides six models for the election, were red, white, blue lava ice blue, palm green, carbon black, orange coloured glaze. Body size, the new car body length and width of 45051837 1670mm, wheelbase 2670mm, positioning compact SUV. Interior design: 7 Tiggo neat and concise, double color adds to the car’s sense of fashion. The new car is equipped with a large LCD screen, lower physical buttons below. In addition, the car is also equipped with three spoke multifunction steering wheel, a key to start, tire pressure monitoring and reversing image configuration. Body size, the new car length and width were 45051837 1670mm, wheelbase 2670mm. Power: Tiggo 7 provides 1.5T and 2.0L two engines, which 1.5T engine, 6 speed manual gearbox and 6 speed DCT dual clutch gearbox, the 2.0L engine is CVT stepless gearbox. Summary: Tiggo 7 both in shape design or configuration performance are not a small break, can be said to be an excellent SUV models. But as a compact SUV, Tiggo 7 in the market before it has to face many enemies, in the current domestic growth is the fastest, the most competitive talent shows itself in the market, in addition to the young fashion design, rich configuration, brand influence also plays an important role. Tiggo 7 competitors can in talent shows itself, let Chery recapture the original market position, also need to test the market and consumers. (responsible editor: often laugh)相关的主题文章:

Agency recommended gold certainty of the subject of the building materials sector attention-www.8008205555

Recommended gold "certainty" standard appliances building materials sector concern Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money – reporter Zhang Yi in the three quarter and the fourth quarter after coming. Statistics in the past few years, the market can be found in the fourth quarter, the financial sector is due to some of the outstanding performance of the year, which makes the average value of the fourth quarter gratifying, but the appliance and building materials and other sectors have more sustained stability. Led the market hot spot in recent years gradually tilted to the emerging industry. However, in the context of tighter regulation this year, investors are advised to pay more attention to the quality of the assets of the asset revaluation, the recovery of the industry as well as some of the key sectors of the quality of the opportunity to pick up the theme. Home building materials sector concern Wind data show that from 2006 to 2015 this year during the fourth quarter of ten, the 28 SW level industry, non bank financial, banking, building decoration and household appliances industry average or the highest, four industries for ten years in the fourth quarter of the average increase respectively 18.894%, 18.04%, 14.01% and 12.56%. In addition, building materials, computers, machinery and equipment and communications sector average rose more than 10% over the same period. At first glance, the financial sector seems to be way ahead, but in fact the sector’s performance is not stable, volatility is more intense. For example, in 2006 and two bull market in the beginning of the year, the performance of the financial sector gratifying to the end of 2014. Among them, in 2006, the banking sector as the main varieties in the fourth quarter rose more than 79%, far higher than other industries; the fourth quarter of the year rose leading steel and food and beverage, rose more than 38% and 21% respectively; the non bank financial sector ranked fourth, up 18.28%. However, in 2007 the banking sector was up only 1.36%, the brokerage sector benefited from the bull market rose more than 33%; in 2008 the market fell, making the two plates become the hardest hit, fell 15.81% and 22.02%, drop the top. 2014 is also similar, the advent of the bull market once again to make non bank finance, banking and steel sector leader, respectively, in the fourth quarter of 2014 rose more than 91%, 58% and 32%. 2015 A-share market suffered a depth adjustment, after the national day, the market began to improve, non bank financial and banking sector rose more than 45% and A, respectively, and more than 14%. In contrast, strong stability is the architectural decoration and household appliances sector, the two plates except in 2011 following the market Pudie, the rest of the year in the fourth quarter rose in varying degrees, is expected to gain more certainty. Building materials sector is similar, except in 2007 and in 2011 fell, there are varying degrees of rise. Hot gradually shifted to emerging industries with the adjustment of China’s economic structure, the market hot spots are also shifting. Among them, the emerging industries are gradually replacing traditional industries, more and more appear in the forefront. From the plate led, in 2006 is the financial, steel, building materials, food and beverage and car plate; on the 2009相关的主题文章:

Ali chief customer officer Dashian users can decide how far Ali-synnex

Ali, chief customer officer Dashian: the user can decide how far – Ali Beijing Beijing in Hangzhou in September 26, Ali (Zhao Xiaoyan) "to make 102 years of business, data and technology driven by" smart + service "has always been our foundation and core competitiveness." In September 26, 2016, the Alibaba said the group chief customer officer Kardashian at the press conference, only the user can decide Ali can go far, and only the driving machine in one customer service team under increasingly professional technology, in order to protect the user "million people as a" quality service. In her view, the service areas will be further subdivided, it is enough to create different services industry experts, these people will become the most professional personnel understand the industry and trading rules in actual combat, their role will be far more to resolve the dispute itself. Do not fall into dispute but to create experience, when Ali was founded in 1999, each of us is customer service." Kardashian smiled and said, "now as ants gold clothes CEO Peng Lei, at the time of our customer service backbone."? Dashian served as Alibaba group chief customer service officer in May 2014 (CCO), led by the newly established group customer service department to break new ground. She took office a year later, Ali service system has gradually formed a "win intangible tangible" service system, launched the "speed" speed and refund "rights" and a number of ultimate service experience, and cultivate a large number of industry experts. She believes that customer service has undergone a qualitative change in the post, customer service is not limited to solve the transaction disputes and after-sale problems. With the continuous breakdown of the service industry, more and more service experience is actually created by us’ out’. For example, we have a ‘nine radio’, its main function is to help the business team to sort out the process, find the problem, but also to help the customer service team to tap the service needs." Dai Shan said, in recent years, the form of our customer service is also undergoing tremendous changes, all front-line customer service staff are ‘customer spokesmen’, the service is to stand in the user’s point of view to think." "Xiaomi" lead million on behalf of Alibaba as a response the next intelligent service, "Ali Xiaomi has become the benchmark of the electricity supplier in the field of service products. Ali’s Taobao, Tmall and other trading platform daily mass service demand is the "Ali Xiaomi" best "real battlefield". It is understood that in response to the amount of one million every service case, "Ali smart Xiaomi solution rate exceeded 90%, that is to say, in a completely without manual intervention," Ali small honey "by semantic analysis and calculation of Lenovo, have industry-leading solution analysis ability, and can provide an effective solution to the user, the counterpart. "Ali Xiaomi are now embedded in Taobao mobile phone, users can find" my Taobao "Xiaomi, whenever and wherever possible to obtain the most efficient help." Dashian said, "a smart + artificial way by providing the ultimate service to users, some of the more complex problems is referred to by a service manual processing." For the future of Xiaomi, Ali, the customer is responsible for the seven public said)相关的主题文章:

Global tech line live Seoul east gate to watch live red

Global Tech line live Seoul east gate to watch the live broadcast of the red weekend wonderful content does not stop. On Saturday 19:00-21:00, Phoenix technology combined with the 8 little pig travel platform launched the "global Tech line" column will enter Seoul, korea. Seoul landmark building for seven days to go to work, you are not just want to stay at home on the weekend, although you have a good paralysis of the house, we bring you happiness. Seven days after the class you should come to the "global Tech" treat yourself "global Tech" visit South Korea is the east gate of Seoul famous, there are a lot of electronic products market, beauty makeup and clothing market, electronic products of high cold technology fan experience also, non standard largest building we DDP will the selected east gate of Seoul’s most famous place in the world, and a nearby electronics museum experience, do not go out to see the landmark of Seoul. Museum of art and design to say again, oh, October 15th, that is, this Saturday’s 19:00-21:00, lock Phoenix Technology studio. All the best content in the Phoenix News client technology channel, do not blame me not to tell you, there are a lot of red oh. Scan code direct live to see the red lead相关的主题文章: