Paul October strategy the stock index fluctuation range for 3070-2935 low partial shares of the

Paul October strategy: the stock index fluctuation range for 3070-2935 low partial shares of the fund fund Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: Paul fund original title: Paul October strategy: an ample supply of grain after complex land battles at, Paul research center core viewpoint: the stock market: September market shrinking down. A stock market failed to extend gains in August, but in September concussion, the main market caused by emotional instability, although the economic data released exceeded market expectations, and the Fed interest rate risk release, but fragile investor confidence is vulnerable to external market volatility and adjustment, but the 3000 point mark at the end of 9 recovered, short-term stock index trend stabilized the early signs of stabilization, but the pre-sales, ultimately stock index fell 2.62% in September still. From the perspective of the plate, home appliances, building materials, leisure services, mining, automotive and other plate gainers, defense industry, nonferrous metals, media, computers, food and beverage sector decline in front. The Shanghai Composite Index for the entire range of 3105-2969 points. Paul research center point: A stock market in September showed a stepwise downward adjustment trend, mainly because after the expected positive cash market risk appetite caused by rapid decline, while the stock market funds consumption type game has increased market uncertainty, prompting stock index delays from rangebound consolidation, but the market under limited space and adjust the time and space gradually narrowed, as positive factors can be expected within the next month to support and promote the stock index, the probability will slowly expand technical repair market, investors can continue to bargain hunting at the present time or with partial stock funds, but also focus on participation in the allocation plan No. 1 Bao Zhong lu. After three rounds of crash hit capital to participate in the A stock market trading activity fell sharply, after a long time watching the capital was unpopular property market diversion, resulting in A A-share market stock funds game features more obvious, which is also an important reason for the recent rebound in the market after the adjustment, no funds rebound has become the market consensus however, this situation in the short term is difficult to break, A stock market into a narrow range of shock consolidation can not extricate themselves, but this does not mean that the stock index will remain at the current location before the shock. The recent economic data and economic data will be released in the expected point of view, the macroeconomic situation is expected to gradually reverse the economic pessimism, type L at the bottom to stabilize basic market consensus, to provide a solid foundation and stable economic fundamentals effectively blocked stock index fell space for the A stock market slowly move the center of gravity. From a policy perspective, comprehensive and strict supervision of regulators once blow to market sentiment, but the recent chain to improve the regulatory environment, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the opening of the third batch of PPP project is about to fall and preheating, monetary policy will remain loose environment for the A shares market operation to provide positive drive. From the external market environment, the fed once again postponed the interest rate hike for the A-share market ushered in the opportunity to breathe, the general stability of the RMB exchange rate will slow down A相关的主题文章: