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People around the bank to buy 1 yuan notes expert: a collection of little value hundreds of 1 yuan company, shop selling 120 yuan. Author: Yuan Wenxiao   January 1, 2016, Shandong Province, Qingdao, Zaozhuang, Jining, Linyi, Rizhao 5 city started a pilot, stop on the 1 yuan coupon notes to the commercial bank, turn by coin replacement. In recent time, many people began to collect 1 yuan notes. Insiders said that the 1 yuan currency appreciation of the limited space, beware of falling into the mire of "speculation". 1 yuan notes will gradually withdraw from the market, the news has been replaced by the $1 coins are not new, but many people for the collection of a new dollar notes enthusiasm was not reduced by. The reporter found that before the investigation, some people asked, looking for opportunities, a new dollar exchange block through a variety of ways. "There are 1 yuan notes of a whole bunch of numbers?" Public Liu want to change a dollar bill, I traveled more than bank outlets, not to exchange. Reporter visited a number of bank outlets in the city, the bank is no longer convertible 1 yuan banknotes. "Because Linyi is carrying out 1 yuan ticket money transferred by one of the pilot city of the coin, 1 dollar banknotes limited number in our city is very difficult to exchange." Bank side said. Subsequently, the reporter in the online search, find someone in the sale of 1 yuan, according to the notes on the crown size and the number of different high and low price of RMB. For the 1 yuan note some numbers, also need to increase the purchase. Reporters noted that most of the online sales of third yuan of RMB 1 yuan notes and $fourth of the $1 banknotes. In a shop, 100 sets of third new 1 yuan even notes, priced at 120 yuan. The shopkeeper said, more recently purchased 1 yuan notes, 1 yuan notes, the price of some of the leopard fired very high. For the public collection of 1 yuan banknotes phenomenon, in November 3rd, the reporter interviewed the municipal banking bureau. According to insiders, even 1 yuan banknotes in circulation to the fifth set of RMB, as currency, previously issued in large quantity, not quickly out of circulation. 1 yuan coins will have a long transition period, during which there will be normal circulation, in a very long period of time, there will be no room for substantial appreciation. In the long run, this 1 yuan note is not what the big investment value, even numbers, in contrast, increased space is very little. Some of the more scarce collection value of RMB currency is a certain, but for some of the people did not experience it is difficult to distinguish, it is difficult to receive these coins." Insiders said the road. Some people are driven by the mentality of speculative profit driven, a large number of hoarding 1 yuan coupons, contrary to the value of investment philosophy, beware of falling into the ‘hype’ quagmire." Insiders, in fact, we do not need to spend too much money and energy to follow the trend to buy, you can keep some of these notes in your daily life. People in the collection should have a good attitude, rather than blindly in order to enhance the profits or huge profits." The related links 1 coins will be reported by chrysanthemum相关的主题文章: