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Careers-Employment Telemetry has be.e a widely used service within the cardiac care specialty because it allows medical personnel to remotely monitor the electrical activity of the heart in those patients who suffer from heart disease. Many facilities have set up their own monitoring stations within their own buildings, but some have begun outsourcing this process to independent .panies operating out of virtual intensive care units located in other states and countries. The rapid increase in heart disease within the United States over the past several years has allowed this industry to grow quickly and has resulted in much higher demand for unlicensed personnel who are capable of manning the monitoring centers. Individuals who are interested in this profession may not need a college degree, but there are a few important steps that they can take to help themselves stand out from all of the other people seeking employment. A couple of the most obvious ways to differentiate oneself from other applicants is to acquire a minimal amount of education beyond the high school level. While it is often possible to secure employment with only a high school diploma or equivalent, those who have .pleted a certificate program or Associates Degree in an allied health field are typically able to take advantage of more job offerings than those who have not .pleted college coursework. While there are several .munity colleges and independent vocational schools that offer certificate programs for cardiac care technicians, it is very important to talk with potential employers to make sure that they are willing to accept these credentials as evidence that an individual is .petent in the specialty before enrolling in courses or paying for tuition. Facilities that have developed their own in-house programs will likely require all applicants to .plete their program. For those who lack the motivation to .plete a college degree before seeking employment, previous experience in a general area of practice as a medical assistant or nurse aide can help get the attention of an employer. This type of previous experience shows administrators that an individual has been exposed to the fundamentals of patient care and has at least a basic understanding of what is involved in a fast-paced medical setting. In addition, those who have worked in healthcare before will generally have lists of positive references who can attest to the applicants strong work ethic and .mitment to improving the lives of others. These types of character qualities are very important to an organization because they demonstrate that an individual can provide the kind of care that the public has .e to expect. In addition to formal education and training, one of the best ways to .pete for job openings is to take a national telemetry technician certification examination. There are a handful of organizations in the US that offer tests specific to the field including Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI), National Healthcareer Association (NHA), and the Association of Critical Care Nurses. While many employers may not expect technicians to be.e certified as a condition of employment, the popularity of certification is growing and several organizations have started to include it as a mandatory requirement. They do this because it shows patients that the department is .mitted to ensuring the .petency of each of its members and because some insurance .panies are only willing to reimburse for procedures that are performed by individuals who have credentials. Perhaps the best strategy for making sure employers notice an applicant is to highlight the personality traits that make an individual the most appropriate choice for the position. The technical knowledge and skills required to provide .prehensive patient care can be taught to just about anyone, but the traits necessary to deliver .passionate care to the public are difficult to teach. Individuals who have a great attitude and who are empathetic, able to listen, understanding, quick learners, willing to accept orders from others, and reliable tend to make the best employees. In fact, directors will often seek out these types of individuals over those who have more impressive credentials because they know how much of an impact constructive members of the team can have on the overall productivity of the department. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: