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Business There are two hundred question in a PMP examination and is divided into six sections. One of the sections is Social responsibility, which .poses of 30 questions. This section is an important obligation for a project manager to do. In Project Management, social responsibility involves starting and ending projects on reasonable time. Also, he must have equal treatment with the project team, at the same time, sticking with the right set of rules of a project. For high school graduates or Diploma Degree holders, they should get and .plete at least five years of project management experience or undergo 7500 hours worth of leadership. Also, they need to imply 35 hours of applicable lessons about project management. And as for Bachelor’s degree or professionals, they have lesser requirements for the test. They need to achieve three years experience of project management or 4500 hours of directional leadership. If they do have this requirement, they should acquire thirty five hours of project management training. After gathering all these necessary requirements, you need to give their initial information to the PMI and initial program application. You must make sure that their input given is correct and .plete. You could ask for professional experience to prove its authenticity. To .plete this process, it requires 5 working days. And the most important thing in preparing for the PMP exam is to study. Use your PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge). Better think that this exam is like taking a board exam or any college level exams. For you to be able to understand and remember quickly the lessons needed for the exam, use your own way of studying. Being a unique person, you also have different styles of learning something. It would be very effective and great chance of success could be attained. There have been lots of study styles to choose from: PMP Podcasts, individual study, five days of PMP preparation course or study groups. You could also choose from these styles where you could easily fit the most. And now, after taking in a lot of learning about project management, you can take PMP exam simulators. Practice yourself and examine how deep is your knowledge about project management is. Take these simulators as though they are the real exam. You better take note that you need to learn more information as much as possible from your PMBOK and train yourself to answer the questions within 4 hours. The right span of time for you to study is three to four months before the day of the actual PMP exam. If you can’t perfect your first try with PMP exam simulators, try it again. Do an effort on achieving 80 percent passing score. Then do more practices as much as you can up until you feel that you are ready enough to take the real PMP Certification Exam. Then, go to PMP centers for more details about where you should take the exam and the things needed for the test. Aside from studying, you should also take care of yourself, your physical body. Get a good rest, eat healthy and nutritious foods and be early at the exam site. Copyright (c) 2010 John Reiling About the Author: 相关的主题文章: