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Protection of celebrities can not wait [Abstract] in any case, celebrities protection is not the vicissitudes of old Time will not wait for me., several rounds of rain. We must first action, can not wait and see, in the use of endless in which to helplessly decadent. Recently, Tan Sitong of dilapidated residence and a number of celebrities reported by the media, causing the parties concerned. Beijing city Xicheng District CHC before Xicheng District has decided to become tenements hall and cultural relics protection celebrities to start, and strive in the 13th Five-Year "period the area was identified as immovable cultural relics of the hall, celebrities cultural relics protection realizes all. The old city of Beijing cultural atmosphere, cultural relics everywhere, only Xicheng District currently has more than three units in 181, and has not yet been approved level of immovable cultural relic building 182. These precious historical buildings, is the era of rain and vicissitudes of witness, but also a token through time. People visit here, it pursues historical information and cultural information or enjoy the implication, or send up, Jiyang thoughts, can not help but sigh with deep feeling. As a result, celebrities, old hall is no longer a cold of old buildings everywhere, is no longer a shabby and narrow street alley in the courtyard, and become a link of current and ancient dialogue. Just think, when people touch a carved brick on the door, watching in the courtyard has been bathed in shade trees, it is a kind of emotional experience? And this sense, it is not just limited to the psychological and emotional, will also point to the culture and civilization, headstrongly gray old days, and live all in front of truly great men. The Beijing Xicheng District city hall, the statement to celebrities relics all realizes protection, it is worth looking forward to. This is not only the brink of destruction of cultural relics is located in Beijing Gospel cultural memory works. Compared to the previous selective protection, this time special emphasis on "all" should be protected, is also a positive effort. For example, on the stage of the old stage, at least in terms of the value of celebrity culture, no more points, one protection, there is no difference, it reflects the deep respect for the history and culture of. Especially for those who are still controversial in the evaluation, it is possible to distinguish between evaluation and cultural relics protection. Like Tan Sitong, Shen Jiaben, Kang Youwei, et al. The former residence of Lao She, Duan Qirui It goes without saying that even Hong Chengchou, Feng Guozhang, one of his former residence, also has the necessary protection. In fact, these years, the concept of the problem is no longer the protection barriers, the bigger problem is that a large number of celebrities are often plagued reality difficult, difficult to vacate management. Due to historical reasons, a considerable part of the celebrities just hang up a protection of the plaque, which is still a decrepit, many residents living. In view of the complex nature of property rights, resettlement, interests and other aspects of the complex situation, the former residence of celebrities often appear "public opinion hot, cold operation" embarrassing situation. Many aspects of government efforts, in the end, often only slogans and stagnant loud "effect". Vacate placement difficulties do exist, but the government’s current financial terms, if really pay attention to, really)相关的主题文章: