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Vacation-Rentals Last week I was on a business tour to Pune. This time my company booked a service apartment in Pune for my stay. At first, I avoided going there but due to my own budget I went there. Actually someone in my office told me that company has started booking Pune service apartments from now onwards as part of their cost cutting measures. This was the reason why I was interested in staying there as I thought they are like much similar to low cost hotels with no service at all. But my perception was totally wrong as the apartment was outstanding. I would simply say that service apartments in Pune are the best accommodation option if you are looking to cut your companies overheads on transportation and accommodation. As my apartment was located very close to airport so the taxi man charged only few hundred bucks for dropping me there. The first benefit was reduced time and fewer charges. I am sure my boss would love seeing my expense details. As many people come to Pune every day either for travel or business objectives, these apartments leave no stone unturned to make visitors stay simply remarkable. Generally all apartments come with a full-fledged kitchen containing microwave, refrigerator, water purifier, and all other kitchen utensils. So, you would not have to worry about collecting kitchen equipments as you will get everything ready. There are so many benefits of staying in these service apartments in Pune as you can easily book a taxi from there even at 1.00 am. Your security is guaranteed as the building is guarded by security personnel all the time. Many people who stayed in these apartments left their feedback saying that they would always love to come back here again and again. The concept of service apartments is entirely new to India but holds great growth potential in the coming years. With internet becoming the widely used medium all across the world, booking space through it is pretty common. This medium is not only cost-effective but allows people book their rooms in advance. Through this way, they can do prior research about the hotel or service apartment. Based on users experiences one can simply login and book a service apartment in Pune. If you are a business owner and looking to bring down the travel costs, you should definitely go for these service apartments in Pune. Want to book a service apartment in Pune? Established in 1982, Ahuja Residency is one of Delhi is leading providers of quality guest houses, corporate residences and serviced apartments in Pune. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: