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Sports-and-Recreation This time, MetroMela spoke with former national women’s champion in tennis and Federation Cup team member Radhika Tulpule Kanitkar to field allRadhika Tulpule – Tennis Champ tennis-related queries. A former international player, Radhika has been conferred with the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Award in 1999-2000. Other accolades include the Pune International Marathon Trust’s best sportswoman award. Now she runs tennis programs in Boat Club and Pune Club and is the first lady coach in India to be qualified for ITF (International Tennis Federation) Level 3. Here is what she has to say. Getting your kids to learn tennis Five is the ideal age to learn tennis but lots of schools run a mini tennis program for the age group of 3-5 years that introduces them to basics like handling the racket, forehand, backhand etc. As a beginner, you should never play more than three times a week because it is important to learn the right techniques first. Dont force the child at the initial stages as it may result in burnouts. If the child loves the sport, .petition, ranking and results will all .e in place. A professional players practice is akin to a 9-5 job or even more. Gym and ground fitness for endurance, speed, flexibility, agility and strength are also important. A well balanced diet with proteins, carbohydrates, milk, fruits etc is important. Watching seasoned players and their game helps to understand the tactical knowledge, attitude and body language of the players. Irrespective of any level it is important that once you get better, you play as many tournaments as possible to add the .petitive edge. Tennis is 95 % mental exercise and 5% physical. One needs to be focused at every point. Right tennis shoes and the right size of racket (21-27 inches) are required. Advantages of the game You can enjoy the game irrespective of your age. In fact in international circuits, tournaments are held for 65-year-olds as well. It is a .plete body workout and helps in improving stamina, motor co-ordination, focus, concentration, agility and flexibility. Kids playing any sport have high levels of concentration and for longer duration. This can be of help throughout the life. Mental maturity is faster as players get to travel abroad and meet so many people. It gives you a broader perspective of life. Recognition, lucrative offers, sports quotas and scholarships apart from getting to coach others at a later stage are the other perks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: