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Relationships Love relationships between women and men are difficult, .plex, and sometimes overwhelming, and authors, experts, and friends are always willing to offer advice on how to over.e them. In a wel.e and overdue twist on the old theme, many authors have decided over the years to explore the intense nature of friendships between women, so widely experienced yet traditionally downplayed. Experts suggest that women’s friendships are rooted in the bonds between a mother and a daughter. Subconsciously .peting for the love of the same man, husband and father, the relationship of future women friends is directly related to the experience a woman had while growing up. With this backdrop of keen identification, a woman can often "feel" the very pain or joy that her friend may be experiencing. But along with this astonishing intimacy, however, .e the usual strains of mutual dependency between mother and daughter. As numerous examples illustrate, a woman may be scarred for life and never forget the devastation she might feel in case she gets betrayed or abandoned by another woman. As many women can regretfully attest, these negative and stressful feelings are generally associated with the pain of ending a love relationship with a man due to a friend’s act. Most frequent than in men’s friendships, feelings of jealousy, .petition, anger and guilt inevitably arise in women’s friendships, due to the threat they feel in balancing a relationship with another woman and yet maintain a healthy, open and intimate relationship with a man. Moreover, these .petitive feelings might arise when one friend gets a new job while another does not succeed the same, if one falls in love and the other feels extremely lonely at that time, in case one wants to have a child and has yet to stand painfully by her friend’s pregnancy. Psychotherapists advocate that women friends openly acknowledge the negative feelings between them in the belief that differences, if are successfully sorted out, can lead to a much fuller friendship. If you are interested in exploring this provocative subject and you feel secure enough to discuss it with your female friend, try opening up some of the hidden and more difficult aspects of your friendship and you will probably be amazed with the things you will discover for the other person’s inner feelings apart from your own thoughts. In fact, such matters are daily the main subject of discussion between many women friends who want to explore them further, with the help of their good female friend. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: