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Remember: qualification is not enough, do not invest! Want you We! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: remember: qualification is not enough, do not invest! Investment, everyone wants to make money, but the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, most people are good, why others make money but you lose? Because your own investment conditions are not enough. Zhu Geliang will be able to easily get one hundred thousand arrows with a few broken boats, not just because of the east wind blowing good, but from a. So, investment stocks, foreign exchange, futures, spot, your conditions are specific? I focus on silver, asphalt, copper and other crude oil spot investment analysis, exchange Granville – letter: Gds88488. First of all, a lot of good mentality is not the world, after all, who do not love to eat soil. Risk and return is a pair of twin brothers, how much risk can be taken in order to get much revenue. No diamond, do not embrace porcelain live, so, if you don’t have a certain investment ability and the ability to bear risk, don’t go to night, to do high income high risk investment. Down to earth, the first refining good skills, and then step by step. Investment to use more than one person with his wife to invest money, it is possible that he made 10 wives in one fell swoop, but it may also lose the wife of money! So in case of unfortunate really lost it? So the investment must use idle funds, a money can not be used, don’t throw life money, money is not movable cure. Master skills, rationale * easy entry will not matter, but it will not do not learn to deal with the chaos that is wrong. First of all, one must first learn to understand some basic terminology, Wagner, will at least the basic operation. Will not or will not be the case, we must first learn, and to the principle of easy, do not often do a single, remember! Qingcang, winning! Pay attention to stop loss! Pay attention to stop loss! Pay attention to stop loss! How to do science * easy: first, adhere to the four is not open. 1, do not break 2, not open; see the signal is not open; 3, can not find the stop is not open; 4, stop big not open. Two, only to do their own understanding of the market, do not see the determination not to do, uphold the principle of not doing the wrong thing. Three, strict implementation of operating instructions. To stop loss, immediately cut warehouse, never hesitate to wait. Stop loss is determined to ensure the smallest loss. Four, let profit run. Profit, to hold the list, do not rush to profit. With the development of the market, and gradually increase the profit margin. Of course, don’t forget to overweight Pyramid law. Five, hurry up not chase, plunge not chasing empty, waiting for withdrawing re intervention. Six, unless the situation is clear in the market, when the back of the use of land mines to do a single way, otherwise it will not add dead code. Seven, support above, bargain buying, only to do more than one; on the other hand, only empty single. Eight, concentrated stare, cultivate their sense of disk, not others, trust your own judgment. Do not do guerrilla captain, so that will be a chaotic state of mind. The world was on the whole mess. Four core elements of investment profitability: 1, the trend of the theory相关的主题文章: