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Repairer + timeshare rental + carpool three-in-one this company, great ambition – Sohu automobile original link: WeChat public number: GeekCar and Uber when a bit after the merger, seemed to enter the shared transportation industry is not so wise. After all, it is hard for small companies to survive in a giant dominated area, but a company from Denmark is not satisfied. The company’s name is "Spiri", they want to carpool to hitherto unknown business, reduce traffic pressure on the city, because they feel that the existing city traffic efficiency is still very low. The so-called protection of the environment, ease traffic jams are feelings, or to see what the company’s routine is. Spiri= timeshare rental company Spiri + carpool carpooling business from the morphological point of view, is the "lease + carpool" complex. As a user, you can play the role of the driver, but also to become an ordinary user. According to Spiri’s plan, their projects will be put into operation in 2017, will be mainly divided into three steps: the 1 launch of carpool business, and now Uber, not what pieces of carpool difference; 2.Spiri company will design their own electric car, and the car for the timeshare rental; 3 business after the mature development the user can choose to become a driver, rent a car company Spiri. At the same time, the car can also choose to become the "ride", the system will give the driver allocation by the way passenger. In this way the transaction, passengers will bear the costs. According to Spiri company, the charges will be based on the price of public transport to develop. In return, the driver can be removed from the car rental costs. Spiri’s CEO is Stefan Holm Nielsen, he was a senior research engineer Aston, Martin. Why would he choose to "lease" + carpool way to do traffic sharing? "We spend too much energy on transportation," he explains. Now the electric cars are getting on the right track, but they should be done lighter and everyone can share. Compared with other vehicles, Spiri electric vehicle energy consumption reduced by 50%. We put the car and carpool business combination, each travel energy consumption will be greatly reduced. This can ease traffic congestion, protect the environment, it is also very cost-effective for passengers. "Spiri is a technology company in addition to the leasing mode + carpool, we in fact for this company is also very interested in electric vehicles. Spiri company also has an executive called Peter Carlsson, he is a member of the former Tesla board, was responsible for supply chain management. About the car, he revealed some of the details: "we are trying to get rid of the value of the daily commuter parts, such as it has no interior panel, no painting, only 14 of the traditional car parts. The car will be present and future R相关的主题文章: