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Sports-and-Recreation Leader and captain of the Australian Cricket Team, Ricky Ponting is the 35-year old batsman, making history every season that he plays the game. Playing in more than 350 ODIs, and 140 Test matches since 1995, Ricky was the youngest Tasmanian to play in the prestigious Sheffield Shield domestic .petition in Australia, at the age of 17. Ricky Ponting will lead the national team to the Ashes beginning the last week of November 2010. Ricky leads Australian teams in runs scored for both One Day International and Test matches. Showing athletic ability at an early age in his hometown of Tasmania, Ricky was given a bat sponsorship at age 14 and scored a first-class century at age 18, breaking cricket legend David Boons previous records in representing the state of Tasmania. Rickys overall Test average places him as the second highest .pared only to Sir Donald Bradman. Ricky is recognised for his aggressive style and record-breaking performances, unfortunately, prior to 1999 he proved to lack in maturity and discipline and lost his place on the team a few times. After marrying his long-time girlfriend in 2002, the batsman seemingly grew into a leader with abilities to take charge and take his team to victory. Ricky was named the teams One Day International captain in 2002, then Test captain in 2004. Ricky was recently listed as one of the most marketable athletes, based on sponsors paying an estimated $2.5 million yearly. In addition to his ability as a specialist right-hand batsman, Ricky is also an outstanding fieldsman. Hand-eye coordination and fast reactions give Ricky and the Aussies an advantage on any field, but especially in their homeland for the up.ing Ashes series. The Australia team was favoured to win the previous Ashes trophy on English soil however, after a bitter battle England regained the prize they had lost to Australia in 2007. Going into the 2009 test, the nations were tied in wins when the home country witnessed an amazing performance from bowler Stuart Broad. The 2010/11 contest is expected to be another close match between the nations. Historically, the Ashes is a famous series of test matches between Australia and England, dating back to the late 1800s. The match is played every other year in alternating countries. In the beginning, these challenges were friendly, .petitive visits to the other homeland. In more recent years, a vicious rivalry has developed, and the world watches as national pride and a trophy of symbolic ashes are won in a much-publicized series of matches. Ricky Ponting brings experience to his team, having previously played in seven Ashes series, four of these as captain. An unfortunate statistic for Ricky is that on two occasions, Australia lost to England on English soil. On the brighter side, Australia has dominated the Ashes for more than twenty years with few exceptions. The 2010/11 series, beginning in Brisbane on 25 November, anticipates the Aussies having the advantage of playing on home fields. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: