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Ruby Lin – Pink newborn baby supplies, what to wear what? Sohu – maternal news review: according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Ruby Lin love Wallace Huo after July 31st married in Bali Island, married husband busy shooting such as "Yi biography", the couple temporarily separated, 10 April she’s pregnant belly at night bazaar charity activities, dressed in a Kuan Songhong skirt Tibet uplift belly, but still can not cover up living will become a joy, though she never respond positively related to fetal things, but when it comes to "baby supplies", seems to be careful not to let out the fetal sex. Ruby Lin attended the fashion brand activities in marriage, when asked about the body without any discomfort or sickness, she can smile back: "everything is good." The appetite also is very normal, "I have been very fond of, and become married wife, she also wrote that" psychologically more stable ", and Wallace Huo enjoyed the ordinary but very warm life. According to Taiwan media reports, although the marriage with Ruby Lin, but a question related to the fetus, still evade the crucial point fuzzy, but when talking to the baby supplies, as pink she immediately said: "the baby supplies must be buy pink!" People can not help but wonder perhaps the belly of the child is a girl, but Wallace Huo had previously said the male or female are expecting, "well, all right". The girl said, expectant parents will choose all kinds of products to meet the pink princess’s arrival, but whether a boy or girl, the new service is the most important quality, today, as we analyze the maternal Sohu, what kind of clothing is more suitable for newborn baby. Baby clothing purchase note: 1, choose cotton baby because the skin is delicate, so in the choice of clothes need to pay attention to. And summer clothes are the clothes to wear, so soft, cool, breathable, sweat, but also to protect the skin, it is best to choose cotton clothes. Although the chemical fiber fabric is easy to wash and dry, colorful, but airtight, and the baby’s skin has a certain degree of irritation. Especially for allergic infants and young children, more likely to cause allergies. 2, clothing should not be large and small infants and young children grow faster, clothing should not be small. Small clothes, infants and young children will be uncomfortable, affecting the child’s growth and development. In addition, the choice of elastic clothing, the elastic belt is not too tight, because the elastic band will compress the chest and waist, resulting in deformation of the chest. In general, the clothes to choose to facilitate the change, simple style. 3, the clothes work to fine baby’s skin is very delicate, a little friction will have red marks. Coupled with the baby love action, long-term friction is easy to make the baby’s skin is damaged, easy to infect bacteria. So the baby’s clothes, especially in the summer wear and underwear, choice, we must choose to work fine. Exquisite workmanship of the baby clothes, usually will label sewn clothes on the outside, avoid stimulating the baby’s skin, and needlework also very small, in the outer thread. 4, the quality of clearance of clothes to buy a home, you must first carefully check whether there is excess thread, there is a need to lose, so as to avoid friction and treasure.相关的主题文章: