Russian media Chinese Navy in the Pacific is the only rival amazing

Russian media: Chinese Navy in the Pacific is the only potential rival amazing navy destroyer 052D Chinese original title: Russian media: Chinese Navy in the Pacific is the only rival amazing potential according to the Russian newspaper network reported on September 12th, Russia joint maritime -2016 joint army act 12 in South China sea began to hold, will continue to the end of 19 days. Russian political and military Analysis Research Institute deputy director Alexander · Hector Ramsey Hin in an interview with the newspaper net admitted: "now, comparing the Russian naval forces in the Asia Pacific region to Moscow apparently unfavorable." For example, the U.S. Pacific Fleet currently has 8 aircraft carrying ballistic missile nuclear submarine, the 30 ship multipurpose nuclear submarines, 6 "Nimitz" class aircraft carrier, 12 ships of the "Te Kant Roca" class missile cruiser, 33 ship, · Burke class missile destroyers, 8 "Perry" class frigates and a large number of landing ship etc.. Hera M Chikhin said: "at present, the United States in the Pacific is the only strong opponent of the Chinese navy." China now has the world’s most powerful submarine force, including more than 70 nuclear submarines and diesel submarines. The Chinese navy has about 25 destroyers and 48 frigates. In the past ten years, China has significantly expanded the size of the ship’s manufacturing, focusing on the shift from smaller warships to large tonnage warships. The Chinese navy is one of the fastest growing navies in the world. The new ship is constantly loaded, there are a large number of construction. Chinese shipyards are building dozens of ships and submarines. The Russian Pacific fleet is inferior by comparison, force is far inferior to the two countries. Almost all of the Russian Pacific Fleet ships were built in the last century in 80s, if the type 20380 frigates excluded, so far there is no real update. The Russian Pacific Fleet currently has 1 aircraft Varyag missile cruiser, 1 destroyers and 4 ship 956 ship 1155 large anti submarine ship. The Russian Navy deputy chief of staff Vladimir · Pepe Leah Jef believes that, despite the difficulties, the recent Russian should keep active warships fighting force, and increase the number of ships to the Pacific fleet. He said: "the Russian fleet should be able to complete the task in any area of the global ocean waters of the powerful forces. In addition to increasing the number of ships, attention should focus on logistics and technical support issues. Only the latter can be fleet to improve combat capability 20%-30%."相关的主题文章: